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Fans & Heaters


Whether you’re working from home or in a busy office, keeping comfortable helps boost productivity, so a good fan is important for keeping you cool when the temperatures rise. If you’re running the show, a chilled out and happy working environment is key to a productive workforce. Browse the extensive Avansas range of fans. With different specifications, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your company's needs.


Incredibly durable, effective, and simple, there are a number of different cooling fans to choose from. Bulk buys are available to bring the cost of staying cool tumbling down. If you’re looking for something domestic, a desk fan can be the perfect addition to your workspace, keeping you feeling cool without opening a window and letting all those bugs fly in! These oscillating fans are designed with a tilted head, wide base for stability, and easily adjustable fan speed to suit each individual's needs. Super simple and handy, the smooth finish and mesh cover is sure to complement any setting, giving you a stylish retro look but with all the advantages of modern technology.


If you’re looking for something slightly bigger, then the tower fan is the perfect choice. The cross base ensures stability while the pedestal adequately directs the airflow all around the room, making this ideal for larger offices.


From the desk fan to the ceiling fan, each product is crafted from the highest quality materials and available at an affordable price.