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Postage & Packaging Supplies


From a busy office to an industrious manufacturer or online retailer, sending mail and packages is part and 'parcel' of the workday. Whether you're sending an important document to a client or a boxed order to your customer, packaging supplies will ensure your delivery arrives in pristine condition. Providing quality stationery to protect your mailed items and to label packaging clearly, the Avansas packaging supply store will reduce your risk of damaged products and undeliverable packages –ultimately saving your business time and money.



First Impressions


Your mail and packaging supplies create an important first impression. To make sure your business correspondences and invoices impact your customers, choose good quality business envelopes for your daily letter needs.

Window envelopes are a great option for a business because you use the address written on the letter rather than losing time writing on the envelope. The typed finish looks professional, and the plastic film protects the address from the elements, ensuring your important letter can always reach its destination. 

Gusset envelopes are a prized piece of stationery for those companies that send multipage documents or booklets to their clients. With a robust design and expandable sides, Avansas supplies high-quality gusset envelopes that can withstand repeated use, making them useful for desk organisation and mailing purposes. 

Mindful of every business's desire to reduce its environmental impact, Avansas offers a range of recyclable envelopes to help portray your company's ethics to the customer. 



Safe and Secure


Taking the time to source parcel packaging and envelopes that keep their contents in top condition is a wise move for a business. Damaged goods arriving on your customer's doorstep can cost you money, while crumpled letters and documents give a client a wrong impression of your work. 

Padded and bubble envelopes are key stationery for any business sending small products. With an outer layer of heavy-duty paper or paperboard, padded or bubble envelopes feature a protective inner layer that prevents damage to the contents by cushioning them against impact. Although it can be tempting to pop an item in a standard envelope, cracked product packaging could not only cause leaks or damage to the product itself but it could also lead to a claim made against your company if the recipient gets hurt.

Businesses often send larger or multiple items in cardboard boxes. These boxes need to be able to withstand being handled and transported potentially for hundreds of miles. Hence, an option such as the corrugated double-wall cardboard box offers excellent stability and resilience. Packaging supplies to protect individual items are a must, with options such as our range of bubble wrap, available in various lengths.



Top Tier Taping for Secure Packages


It doesn't matter how carefully you've packaged your items. If your parcels open up during transit, the loss of goods will fall upon your shoulders, as it is your responsibility to create secure packages. 

Our parcel packaging supplies include acrylic tape. With its excellent strength, impressive adhesion and resilience to temperature fluctuations, you'll want to stock up on our muti-packs to meet your taping needs. 

Time is money in business, and the most efficient way to tape your outgoing parcels is with a handheld dispenser, such as our ergonomic model that will keep your wrists and arms perfectly balanced as you pick up speed taping with this efficient parcel packaging tool. A dispenser or tape cutter lets you neatly slice your tape for a tight, wrinkle-free end seal. 



Clear Labelling for Seamless Deliveries


No business wants an angry customer demanding to know why their delivery hasn't arrived or a client facing difficulties because a vital document didn't hit their desk on time. Successful deliveries rely on both clear and secure labelling. Choose from our range of address labels to ensure the delivery details remain securely adhered to your packaging. With label sizes to suit all envelope and parcel sizes, your courier will have no problems getting your mail from A to B.

Remember shipping supplies such as the Avansas permanent marker for quick-drying label writing without fear of smudging, fading or water spoilage.