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Power Banks 


Just as buttered toast always seems to land face down, your phone or gadget will always run out of power when you need it the most. As many of our devices are Internet-enabled, a significant strain is placed on their batteries almost daily. However, inconvenience aside, your mobile phone can be a lifeline during emergency situations, or in the event of getting lost. Similarly, ensuring that your child’s phone is fully charged at all times can be difficult, which is where power banks come into the equation. 


What is a power bank? 

Power banks are compact battery packs, charged by plugging into the mains supply. Once fully topped-up, they store that charge as chemical energy, ready to be transferred to a compatible device when it’s needed. This is done by switching the bank on and plugging it into the failing gadget, via the standard charging port. Convenient and easy to use, you can bring your phone, camera, tablet or even your laptop up to speed, no matter where you are. 


Multiple devices 

For those who carry a variety of gadgetry with them, you can even buy power banks with multiple charging ports. Typically, these will have at least two different types of port, such as the standard ‘Type C,’ and the Micro USB port, which is becoming increasingly popular. There are banks that use ‘intelligent voltage negotiation’ algorithms to deliver the optimum charge at the optimal rate. This results in a quicker charge, allowing you to get on with your day.  


Added security 

To ensure that you know exactly how much you’ve got left in the tank, most power banks are fitted with LED indicators. Plus, you’ll find models with surge protection technology, keeping your device safe from spikes in voltage, which could cause damage to their circuitry.