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Tagging Guns and Supplies


The most practical way of labelling the products with prices, types or distinctive features is to use plastic fasteners. Labelling with plastic fasteners is a method that is frequently used in clothing and fabric stores as well as dry cleaners. Plastic fasteners are essential for the labelling of shirts, pants and similar fabrics and certain plastics. Plastic fasteners offer an easy solution to your product labelling problems.

Choose from thin- or thick-tip needles and tagging guns in various colours and sizes for all your plastic tagging applications. Depending on whether your product is thin or thick, or has a different texture, tagging gun needles with thin or thick tips can be used to ensure that the product is not damaged. Thin or locked plastic fasteners should be preferred according to the needs and areas of use. Locked fasteners can be preferred for packaging of suits, cuff labels, shirts or for products such as wedding dresses and curtains. Plastic fasteners allow you to personally evaluate the products that can be labelled and use them where you see fit. With a product range that can respond to all your needs, you will be able to perform labelling with plastic fasteners without any problems.

Plastic fasteners will come to your aid in every process of labelling that requires the distinction and promotion of products by brand, colour, model or similar features. With durable plastic fasteners, the label becomes long-lasting. Since you get to choose the diameter of the hole that will be drilled by the tagging gun needle, the application of fasteners will ensure that the product or the part is not damaged for reliable and permanent identification. Have a look at the details of a wide range of tagging guns and supplies, needle tips and fastener varieties. Order plastic tagging guns and supplies with affordable prices, advantageous payment options, easy return, free shipping and next business day delivery on avansas.com.