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Ink and Toner Cartridges


While printers are the workhorses of any office, they will only work as long as their ink and toner reserves last. At Avansas, we stock a selection of compatible printer refills, designed to operate with a variety of inkjet and laser printers. However, for those who prefer to get theirs straight from the source, we also offer a range of original ink and toner cartridges for big brands, such as HP, Brother, Canon, and Lexmark.


Ink Cartridges

As their name suggests, ink printer refills are filled with coloured dyes that are soaked up by a small sponge, before being sprayed onto the printing paper. The nozzles in the cartridge ensure the right amount of ink, and the correct blends of colour are sprayed to ensure a premium finish and excellent definition. If your inkjet printer bears the brunt of your printing needs, you may find you go through these cartridges at speed. However, ink and toner printer refills that are rarely used can dry out, so it’s worth having some in reserve, just in case.


Toner Cartridges

Laser printers rely on toners, rather than inks. Toners are powder rather than liquid. The document to be printed is manoeuvred onto a drum, which quickly heats up. As the powder is sprayed onto the drum, it dries instantly, so there’s no chance of smudging or waiting around for your document to be touch-ready. As the cartridges are filled with powder, toners tend to have a longer lifespan than their liquid counterparts. However, laser printers are more expensive to run than inkjets.

Whichever you prefer, we offer a superb selection of both compatible and genuine printer refills. Both types are rigorously tested, so you can be sure they’ll offer the best in performance and reliability. In addition, you’ll find a range of printer ribbons.