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Office Cleaning Products & Janitorial Supplies 

Whether you're in charge of a large office, a smaller one, or working from home, we've got you covered when it comes to office cleaning supplies. For smaller spaces, regular-sized office cleaning products are a cost-effective solution to keeping things sparkling and fresh. However, if you're dealing with a larger area, you might find that some of our larger-sized janitorial supplies get the job done more quickly and positively impact your budget for office cleaning supplies. Let's start at the bigger end of the scale and look at some plus-sized products that you might find helpful. 

Super-sized office cleaning products 

All-purpose cleaners are a superb addition to any arsenal of janitorial supplies. While certain surfaces and furniture will require more specific sprays and solutions, these can help clean everything from floors to worktops. For larger offices and workplaces, we recommend buying larger quantities, such as our five-litre tub of Flash Professional Cleaner or our Greyland Spray and Wipe Ultra Antiviral Multipurpose Disinfectant. Cleaning solutions that need to be diluted with water allow you to adjust the strength of the solution to suit your needs, whether you’re doing a quick wipe-down or a deep clean. 

Similarly, there's little point in repeatedly splashing out on domestic-sized floor cleaners when it comes to larger spaces. Instead, products such as our Dymagel Lemon Floor Cleaner and our Maxima Pine Floor Gel are both sold in five-litre containers, giving you the most cleaning power for your cash. However, at Avansas, we know that many businesses want to keep an eye on their carbon footprint. Browse our collection of floor cleaners, and you will find those that are chemical-free but still get the job done, such as our Ecover Floor Cleaner. As fresh, fragrant, and hard-working as its industrial counterparts, it’s ideal for those who want to ensure that their cleaning needs are kinder to the environment. 

Mopping larger spaces 

While it’s one thing to have the right size of cleaning solution, your cleaning team won’t get very far with standard-sized buckets and mops. Kitting them out with something like the Ceymop cleaning set gives them access to more cleaning solutions, with the whole rig set on casters for easy movement. Although these are sold as office cleaning products, they're also popular in crowded workplaces, such as hospitals and schools. Alternatively, giving your cleaning staff a little extra reach can help to get the job done that much quicker. Larger mop heads, such as our Ceymop Damp Mop Head, offer a larger surface area to work with without compromising on the quality of the clean. Similarly, our range of brushes and brooms features super-sized sweeping supplies, such as the Coco Platform Brush, which can help cut cleaning time down. 

Standard-sized office cleaning products 

For offices that aren't quite as spacious or home offices, there's less need to buy bigger office cleaning supplies. Instead, you can use standard-sized cleaning solutions and janitorial supplies, such as mops and brooms. 

Don’t forget the basics 

However, regardless of the size of your office, some office cleaning products are essential. For office kitchens or catering outfits, cleaning sponges and scourers are an effective way to ensure that you comply with all the necessary Health and Safety regulations while keeping your kitchen facilities sparkling. What does make sense is to buy in bulk, helping you to spend your budget as wisely as possible. Both our sponge scourers and sponges are available in packs of 10, and, with following working day delivery options available, you can keep your janitorial supplies stocked up quickly and efficiently. You can even buy biodegradable sponges, such as the Red Sponge Cloths, which are the perfect option for those who want to remain eco-friendly without cutting corners on cleanliness.  

Cleaning cloths and towels are additional and indispensable office cleaning products that no janitorial supplies should be without. However, while many office cleaning supplies are purely functional, our range includes cloths and towels that allow you to give your surroundings a little lift. For that professional edge, check out products such as our Maxima Tea Towels and our Ceyhanlar Flannel Colour Cleaning Cloths. However, for those down and dirty cleaning tasks where performance is more important than appearance, something like our Cotton Towelling Rags should tick all the right boxes.