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Extension Plug Socket Leads & Extension Reels


With electronic gadgetry a part of our everyday lives, you can often find devices jockeying for pole position to get plugged in. The other alternative is to have all your tech plugged into different power points, which can prove impractical. Electric socket extension leads are a simple solution to these modern problems.


Supply on demand 

In essence, an extension lead is a flexible power extension cord, with a plug at one end, and a plug socket at the other. With varying lengths of extension cord available, you can deliver electricity to areas of your home or workplace that might otherwise be impossible to reach, regardless of where your plug socket is located. The Avansas collection features electric socket extension leads with power cords between two and ten metres long, allowing you to choose the right lead for your needs. 


All from one source 

When it comes to those who need to use multiple devices at once, the answer is an extension lead or extension reel with multiple sockets. Like their single-socket counterparts, these only need to run from one socket and can vary in the number of sockets they offer. Our range includes leads with between two and ten sockets, allowing you to plug in as many or as few devices as you need. 


Modern tech 

However, electric socket extension leads aren’t restricted to traditional, three-pin plugs. With so many of our gadgets and devices using USB cables, extension reels, and leads with a combination of regular sockets and USB ports are now available. Using these, you can power larger items, such as laptops and lamps, while keeping tech, such as mobile phones and tablets topped up and ready to use.



If your home or office is a sprawl of electronic spaghetti, not only do they look untidy, but they can present tripping hazards. Using these lengthy extension plug sockets, you can reduce the number of cables required or, at the very least tidy them out of sight, and out of the way of unsuspecting feet.