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What Are Highlighters and How to Use Them?


Highlighter pens are one of the most widely used stationery materials in education or business life scenarios. As the name suggests, highlighter pens emphasize certain parts of the written texts and draw attention to that part.


The nib of this pen, which has a phosphor in its special ink, is made of felt. However, it has a thicker nib compared to standard felt tip pens. As a result, they offer a different writing experience than felt tip pens.


Highlighters create a coloured layer over the text. The layer drawn on the text does not prevent it from being read; on the contrary, it attracts more attention. Even the points that you may overlook at first glance become more visible with highlighters.


Highlighters are among the products that appeal to people of all ages. Thanks to its fast-drying ink, it does not spread on the paper. Thus, you get pleasant and smear-free results every time. Explore our vast range of highlighters and order the best highlighter pen for yourself!


What Are The Advantages Of Using Highlighter Pens?


  • Highlighters make learning and remembering easier. With the all in one highlighter pens, you can contribute to your learning process effectively.
  • It creates a colourful layer on the text and draws attention to that part.
  • Highlighters are used to increase attention and focus. You may have trouble focusing while reading something. Sometimes a little lack of attention may cause big mistakes. Underlining what you're reading helps you stay focused.
  • They are used to highlight errors. It is a popular method for sharing errors in documents you are editing and checking with others.
  • You can create information categories with the help of highlighters. You can choose different colours to create different information categories in terms of importance.
  • You can increase your motivation! Highlighters are functional and stylish looking products. Products such as the rainbow highlighter pen and pastel highlighters increase your energy and make you happy.


How to Choose the Most Suitable Highlighters?


  • The first criterion we need to pay attention to when buying a highlighter is its use. Primarily, it is necessary to pay attention to the tip thickness according to your purpose of use. Thick tips should be preferred if it is used to emphasize large surfaces, and thin tips should be preferred if it is used only for drawing and writing.
  • Secondly, your colour preference comes to the fore.
  • The components in ink should not contain carcinogenic substances and should not pose a threat to your health.
  • You can choose water-based ones because these stains are easy to remove from surfaces.
  • Finally, of course, you should pay attention to your budget and brand quality. Low-quality highlighters may not be very economical because they are consumed in a short time.


What Are the Highlighter Pen Colours?


Avansas' wide array of highlighters contains every product you need. You can find innovative products like highlighter tape pens and rainbow highlighter pens. Plus, you may lose yourself among hundreds of different colour options.


If you are looking for highlighter pencils that you can use in your professional business life, varieties such as blue highlighter pen and red highlighter pen will be suitable for you.


If you are going to buy highlighters for your child, the endless colour options may make you dizzy. Metallic colours, pastel colours and primary colours ... Every colour you are looking for is available at Various types of highlighter pens and vibrant colours await you at Avansas.


How to Delete Highlighters?

Most highlighters have permanent ink. However, some new highlighter types produced with advanced technologies contain lighter ink. Besides, this ink dries in a longer period of time. These highlighter types are erased with a hard eraser made of rubber.


A highlighter is a fluid paint that contains more than one colourant in its ink. Due to its fluid nature, your hands, clothes and surfaces may be smudged. There are some methods for removing highlighter stains from surfaces. But absolutely no soap or washing up liquid should be used. Soap can cause the ink to spread more.


Alcohol is one of the most effective methods to remove highlighter stains. Hair spray is also used for this process. Spray the area with hair spray. Then, pour salt and wait for a while and wash it. If the highlighter smears on your sofa, mix the vinegar and water and wipe your furniture with this mixture.


Are Highlighter Prices Affordable?


Several features determine the price of a product. But not always an expensive product is of good quality. The brand, size, material and even colour of the product has an impact on its price.


Additionally, quality should not be compromised when purchasing stationery materials. Poor quality stationery supplies are consumed quickly and cause your consumption expenses to increase. If you want to buy the best quality products at the best prices, Avansas is the right place.


Products in our enormous product range are designed to last. Plus the affordable product options available at Avansas puts a smile on your face. We offer the best prices for every budget. 


Where to Buy the Best Highlighter Varieties?


Do you want the best? Avansas offers you the best. Our wide range of products includes hundreds of types of highlighters produced by the most trusted brands. Thanks to our user-friendly store layout, you can easily browse all products and purchase the one that suits your budget. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your products for up to 30 days. You can call the call centre or find answers to your questions with on-site web chat for any questions you may have.


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