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Archive & Storage Boxes?

Archiving is the preservation of the documents obtained by individuals, companies or institutions during their activities within a certain plan. The purpose of this process is to securely store documents that are important and must be kept for a certain period of time. Most companies have a special area reserved for archives. Thanks to the large archive cabinets, it is possible to keep the necessary documents in the office.


However, putting these important documents directly in the archive cabinet may cause them to wear out. Plus, it becomes difficult to find the desired document later. Filing is done to prevent this. Since the files will be sorted by following a certain order, the searched document can be accessed without wasting time.


Archive boxes are one of the most preferred products for archiving in companies. Providing ideal solutions for storing important documents, storage boxes have different models with functional designs. A messy and disorganized office reduces employee productivity. These boxes make the working environment more organized and prevent clutter in the office. Besides, office archive boxes provide document and file order in crowded offices. Check up on archive filing boxes in this category and make your archive organized.


How to Use Archive & Storage Boxes and Where are Archive & Storage Boxes Used??


The needs of each office may differ from each other. The way of using storage boxes can also vary from person to person. File archiving system can be made according to the need or customary system. However, the most preferred method is archiving by years. After the documents are arranged according to their years, they are placed in a document archive box.


Another important detail is to be able to understand which document is in which storage box. There are several methods used for this. You can achieve the documents by writing specific names on the archive file storage boxes. If you want, you can number the files instead of writing names on them. Another method is to write the date on the storage boxes. In this way, you can easily find the files of the date you want.


Storage boxes are used wherever people store certain documents. Archiving is done in hospitals, workplaces, schools, banks, supermarkets and even greengrocers.  Archive box selection should be made according to workload and file type. You can check up on the different archival document boxes in this category and determine the ones that are suitable for your business.


What are the Types of Archive & Storage Boxes?


Archive box varieties cover many products of different sizes and models. Avansas' wide product range includes many different types of archival storage boxes according to needs. According to the material produced, there are storage box types such as plastic storage boxes, cardboard storage boxes and metal storage boxes.


The designs of the archive boxes are also different from each other. You can choose between lidded and lidless storage boxes models. If you are looking for a box to store a lot of documents together, the large archive boxes with lids are for you. Cardboard archive boxes are used for lighter documents. If you are going to use it for a small number of documents, cardboard archive boxes with lids will be an environmentally friendly choice.


To buy the right storage boxes for your workplace, you should definitely pay attention to the dimensions. Generally, the size of the archive box varies according to the number of pages they can store. The more files you want to keep, the larger the archive box you should get. When deciding on the size you need, it is useful to consider the width of your shelves. You can definitely find the right one for you among the A4 archive box and A3 archive box models in Avansas' product selection.


What Should Be Considered When Buying Archive & Storage Boxes?


When choosing an archive box, it is necessary to choose according to need. For instance, foolscap archive boxes are more useful because they can store a lot of files. Files that are not used for a long time may become dusty. A4 archive box with lids offers a solution against dust and allows you to find the file you are looking for quickly and easily. If you are going to buy a storage box to store the items in your home, the coloured ones look more elegant and decorative. The small archive boxes, on the other hand, can even be kept on the desk as they take up less space.


Where To Buy The Most Suitable Archive & Storage Boxes?


It is necessary to check up on different products to purchase archive and storage boxes that suit your needs. Different product options offer you more possibilities. The best place for the best quality and cheap archive storage boxes is Avansas. You can choose from the most trusted brands available at and enjoy privileges. The sturdy archive boxes you purchased from Avansas, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, are long-lasting. Thus, the consumption expenses of your workplace will be reduced and you will save money in the long term. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days. In Avansas, you will not be wronged in any way. You can trust Avansas for a secure and enjoyable shopping experience.


How Much Are Archive & Storage Boxes Prices?


Archive box prices vary according to the capacity, size of the product and the structure of the material used in its production. The variety of models is another factor that affects the variability of prices. It is important that archive boxes are strong and durable. Poor quality storage boxes may not fulfill their intended function. Therefore, quality should not be compromised when conducting price research and these qualifications should be taken into consideration. It is possible to find different archive box types with various prices in Avansas. You can choose the most suitable model for your budget among the wide range of product options, and you can have the product you want in a short time with a single click.