Presentation Ring Binders

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Presentation Ring Binder Folders


Presentation ring binders are an office essential that is much more versatile than first seem. However, if your business uses paper in any shape or form, these binders can help with a variety of situations. 



Perfect presentation


Given their name, presentation ring binders were designed with presentations in mind. Typically, these will feature either O-rings or D-rings. For standard-sized presentation documents, O-ring folders will cover all the bases. Easy to open and snap shut, the circular ring makes a document easy to read and flip through.

However, if you’ve put together a presentation that’s on the larger side, then D-ring binder folders are more suitable. While they’re curved at the top, they sport two straight, parallel sides, which allow the binder to accommodate up to 25% more paperwork than their standard counterparts. 

Practicalities aside, presentation ring binders of this sort allow you to communicate the message you want, in the way you want. Much like a book, you can introduce the reader to each stage of your presentation, choosing the journey they will go on. With ring binder folders available in A3, A4, A5 and a range of other shapes and sizes, you can make your presentation as complex or as simple as you like. 



Durable storage solutions


While presentation ring binders are ideal for meetings and conferences, they can also serve as important storage solutions. While the cloud, hard drives, and computers can be used to store data, it can be important to preserve hard copies of certain information, such as legal documents, contracts, and invoices. With durable polypropylene covers, these ring binders can protect your paperwork, and be labelled for easy access. 

For added protection, we even supply binders with plastic sleeves, helping to keep the damaging effects of spills, splashes, moisture, and humidity at bay. Whether you want a single binder folder or a multi-pack to keep your store cupboard topped up, we can offer next working day delivery and competitive pricing.