All Purpose Cleaners

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Multi-Purpose Cleaners


Whether you work from home or in a busy office, it’s important to keep your working environment clean. A desk or office that isn’t regularly and thoroughly cleaned can harbour viruses and bacteria which, in turn, can lead to more sick days and reduced productivity. If your work area is occasionally visited by guests, business colleagues or even VIPs, those all-important first impressions can be set in accordance with its standards of hygiene. However, while we might not all have access to purpose-specific, professional-standard cleaning products, all-purpose cleaners are a convenient and affordable substitute.



Green cleaning


Available as liquids, sprays, and even wipes, multi-purpose cleaners are among the most versatile available. As they’re gentle enough that they can be used on a range of surfaces, yet strong enough to remove dirt and grime and see off most bacteria. All-purpose cleaners are an essential addition to any cleaning arsenal. However, for those who want to ensure that any chemicals don’t have a lasting or detrimental effect on the environment, we also stock a range of eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaners. Just as effective as their less-green counterparts, they’re made from natural and non-toxic materials.



Cleaning with a purpose


At Avansas, we know that many offices have their preferred brands or types of cleaners. As a result, we stock a wide range of brands, each with their own particular benefits, such as antibacterial properties, a higher ability to deal with grease or those that carry a particular fragrance. For offices and work environments where being virus-safe is especially important, you’ll even find a selection of sanitising multi-surface cleaners, specifically for this purpose. In addition, you can buy our all-purpose cleaners according to your needs, whether it’s a single bottle of spray or a bulk buy of five-litre containers of liquid. We all our customers the benefits of a next working day delivery service, no matter how large or small the order.