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Staff Name Badges, Badge Holders & ID Card Holders


While remembering people’s names might be polite, it’s not always practical or possible. Using staff name badges in your workplace not only makes your employees more accessible to customers, but they can also help ensure that meetings run smoothly and that new team members find their feet that much quicker. We offer an extensive range of plastic name tags and ID holder products, which are as ideal for security purposes as they are for making sure everyone knows who everyone else is.


Why use plastic name tags?

Whether you work in catering, business, or retail, a badge holder promotes professionalism and care. With a glance, your customers and visitors know who they’re dealing with, and while an ID card holder might appear formal, it helps to take the edge from introductions and future encounters. However, not every ID badge holder is of equal quality. When putting your best foot forward, a badge holder should be discreet enough that it doesn’t dominate yet remarkable enough that it is easy to spot. Name badges, such as the Durable Name Badge with Combi-Clip, offer the facility to clip the ID card holder to the most appropriate place, whether a lapel, a bag strap, or a belt. In addition, its size makes it easy to read yet discreet enough not to make your customers or visitors feel patronised.


Protection and personalisation

Visuals aside, one of the most important aspects of any ID badge holder is the protection it affords the paperwork it holds. If you want to give your name tag every chance of survival and that professional sheen, check out plastic name tags such as our Durable Self Laminating Name Badges. With a plastic coating that’s as clear as glass, they’re waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to use. Buy a packet of these, and you can use them with one of our label printers to create bespoke and informative staff name badges, which can even sport your company logo.


Safety and security

Security is another crucial aspect of modern business, and ensuring each staff member wears an ID card holder can be handy in larger business environments. From a safety point of view, visitor, customer, and staff name badges allow you to count everyone in and out in an emergency. For businesses dealing with sensitive information, housing your employees’ names and other details in plastic name tags, such as the Durable Security Pass Badge Holder Pack ensures that, should you need to investigate a security breach, you know exactly who was where and when.


Accessibility and excellence

The difference between wearing a badge holder and not can be immense for customers. Plastic name tags immediately make your staff more accessible to new and existing clients, removing the need for any awkward introductions. In addition, should there be any need for customer feedback, either in the form of praise or complaints, an ID card holder gives those who use your service an immediate frame of reference.


An ID card holder that suits your business

Plastic name tags are part and parcel of business conferences and meetings. Using our label printers, you can embellish the details of each badge holder with your brand logo or details. Not only does this make each of your employees recognisable and approachable, but it also makes them ambassadors for your business. Without investing in a full-blown marketing campaign, your delegates can spread the word about your company and act as contactable representatives for your offering.

Whether you need a single pack of staff name badges for a small business or you need to buy in bulk, we offer the best products, from the best brands, at the best prices. With a range of superb delivery options, you could receive yours as soon as tomorrow.