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In the 21st Century office, desk mouse mats may have found their way out of the workplace and into the gaming environment, but the way you choose the best desk mouse pads for the job still has some fundamental considerations. If you're looking for new desk mouse mats, but feel a little daunted by the choice available, then here's the Avansas guide to ensuring you make the right choice for your needs.



Getting it right or gaming


Accuracy can be important, whether you've just gone up a level on your latest purchase or need to carefully alter images in Photoshop. Desk mouse mats made from foam, such as the Kensington Foam Mat, tend to have enough traction to keep your wrist and palm in place while allowing your mouse to do whatever you need. Using foam mouse mats is a great way to ensure that you can place your cursor wherever you want without the risk of slippage. Desk mouse pads, such as the Fellowes Microban Pad, are equipped with non-slip rubber bases so that, during those crucial moments, the mat remains where it's supposed to be.



Choosing the right desk mouse mats


Another thing to consider is where your mouse needs to operate. For gamers, having the extra room to make that dynamic coup de grace can significantly impact your in-game progress. For those working in offices, the ability to move freely can help minimise the potential for problems such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Tunnel Carpal Syndrome. Larger mats, such as the Silver Fellowes Microban Mouse Mat, can slip easily under your keyboard, ensuring it stays where it's supposed to. 

When it comes to conditions such as RSI, there are plenty of ergonomic pads with integrated wrist rests. Wrist rests are fast becoming a vital office accessory for any worker that spends lengthy amounts of time clicking, copying, and pasting. They work by supporting the wrist and taking the weight from the carpal tendons, which allow your finger to work unimpeded. However, having wrist wrests built into desk mouse pads can help to reduce clutter on the desk while ensuring that the mouse is always where you need it to be.



Desk mouse mats for the 21st Century


For the ultimate in bespoke wrist support, pads such as the Fellowes Chevron Photo Gel Mouse Pad are the next stage in their evolution. Rather than using foam as the wrist rest, this pad sports a self-adjusting wrist support made from a contouring and comfortable gel. This means that, however you use your mouse, the rest will respond to your movements to offer the most supportive and cushioning wrist rest experience. Adaptable and reactive desk mouse mats such as these ensure that you can get on with your game or tackle your task without exacerbating the potential for RSI.



Keeping things clean


Hygiene is often overlooked when it comes to desk mouse pads. If the coronavirus pandemic has put anything in the spotlight, it's the need for absolute hygiene. Typical mats are notoriously tricky to keep clean, requiring scrubbing them and washing them in soapy water. However, the Avansas range of products includes those with built-in antimicrobial properties, such as the Black Fellowes Microban Mouse Mat and the Fellowes Nay Blue Microban Pad. Products from the Microban range use Microban Technology to actively reduce the growth and spread of bacteria and pathogens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On top of that, the innovative methods ensure that the combative properties offered by these desk mouse pads won’t wash away. You’ll also find them easy to clean, should you need to, and their performance won’t be affected.



Aesthetic desk mouse pads


Desk mouse mats need to be functional, supportive, and clean, but they also need to look good. If you're a gamer or work from home, the chances are that you can buy what sings to you, such as the vibrant colours and constant cushioning offered by the Fellowes Crystal Blue. However, if you run a busy office, even the smallest details can influence your customers and colleagues. At Avansas, we offer a wide range of office mouse mats so that you can choose those that best suit your surroundings. Consistency can communicate the idea that every individual in your organisation is working from the same hymn sheet. In terms of reassuring new clients, this can let them know that everyone is dedicated to the same outcome. 

In situations where uniformity is essential, it can be prudent to ensure that all your desk mouse pads and mats look the same. Before you splash out on those all-important office essentials, it might be worth checking with your employees which ones best suit their needs. With that in mind, products such as the Black Fellowes Crystal Mat or the Kensington duo Wave Gel Mouse Pad will give your staff the comfort, and practicality they deserve, while communicating those all-important first impressions to your new or existing customers.  

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