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Spring Transfer Files


While the digital age has taken care of many of our storage problems, in the form of the cloud, memory sticks, and hard drives, some documents need hard-copy backups. Without having to worry about power outages, passwords, or logging on, they ensure that vital information is always to hand. 

Ideal for any physical filing or archiving system, our spring transfer files are made from robust materials, to keep your important documents safe and secure. You’ll find the high-quality securing mechanism is easy to use, enabling the quick insertion or removal of pages. For those looking to file punched papers, we can even offer a range of these storage solutions that use a D-ring document holder, to keep everything in place, yet easily accessible.



Eco-friendly filing


While the path towards paperless offices looks like a long one, you can still do your bit for the environment, with our eco-friendly spring transfer files. With interior pockets for loose documents, they are made from 100% recycled material, without compromising on strength or durability. In addition, our eco-friendly foolscap transfer files are certified by the Blue Angel, an independent ecolabel that sets the standards for environmentally-friendly products. Ensuring that these products perform to the same standards as their less-green equivalents while lessening the burden on the environment gives you peace of mind and communicates your care to your customers.



Personal paperwork management


Managing our personal paperwork is part and parcel of modern life. From personal accounts to bills and bank statements, these versatile foolscap files and folders allow you to access important information, just when you need it. As they are made from durable card stock, they can be written on, so that you know exactly what’s in them before you even open them up. An ideal accessory to any home or office, we can offer next working day delivery, whether you want a single pack or buy in bulk.