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Computer & Laptop Accessories


While computers and laptops are possibly the most critical pieces of equipment in any home office or traditional workplace, there are some additional extras that help you make the most of your 21st Century tech. Browse our computer accessories and laptop accessories, and you'll find everything from tools to help you keep yours clean and free from dust to webcams and privacy screens. With your computer holding sensitive and vital information, keeping it in tip-top condition can save you from many unforeseen problems.



Laptops and travel bags


While office work tends to take place from behind a desk, there are occasions in which you'll need to work on the move. Laptop and travel bags allow you to transport your keyboard quickly and conveniently. With shoulder straps and carry straps, they give you the opportunity to bring the most crucial part of your office with you. In addition, with the proper padding in all the right places, laptop bags protect your laptop or tablet from the inevitable bumps and drops. Our selection of laptop bags also includes those that are packed with pockets, so you carry all those essential bits and bobs, such as power leads, power banks, and paperwork, without compromising your computer.



Achieving the right height for work


However, if your work sees you tied to your desk for most of the working day, investing in laptop stands and risers could be one of your most important investments. Even if you're sitting in an ergonomic chair, the height at which your laptop is positioned can significantly impact your neck and spine. Too low, and your back will be curved to an uncomfortable degree. While your muscles will compensate for the curvature, repeatedly sitting in this way can result in lower back pain and a host of spinal problems. Laptop accessories such as laptop stands and risers lift the screen and keyboard to the right height to prevent discomfort. Our collection features those that are adjustable, so you can ensure that working from behind your desk doesn't have an adverse effect on your back. Similarly, dedicated monitor stands can elevate your eyeline, allowing you to achieve good posture, even if you're sitting at your desk for lengthy periods.



Avoiding RSI


Even smaller, repeated movements can have their own long-term effects. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of repetitive strain injury typically caused by the overextension of the tendons in the wrists and hands. If you use a mouse on a regular basis, for hours on end, one of the best ways to combat the potential for this painful condition is to use a wrist rest. Browse our range, and you'll find ergonomically designed wrist rests made from comfortable and breathable materials. If your mouse is part and parcel of your daily grind, a wrist rest could be one of the best computer accessories you buy.



Keep everything spick and span


While laptops and computers are easy to buy, they still cost significant sums of money. Keeping yours clean and tidy can help it achieve its lifespan, run to the best of its ability, and always look the part when you need it to. The biggest problem facing office equipment of this sort is dust. It just finds its way into the vents in your laptop or computer and can collect and reduce the efficiency with which those fans work. In turn, this can encourage overheating, which can very quickly result in a computer that doesn't work. Similarly, dust, crumbs, and dirt can build up on your keyboard.  

Not only can this cause keys to stick, but it can also create a barrier between the key and the switch below, slowing down any attempt to work and increasing the potential for germs. You'll also find that dust that's made its way into the body of the computer can affect the battery life. With the fans trying to cool the laptop down, the strain put on the power cells could get to the point where they become too drained too quickly. In short, keeping your computer or laptop well maintained is the best way to keep it working as you need it to. Check out our collection of computer cleaning PC accessories, where you'll find everything from antistatic cleaning wipes to foam cleaning buds. 

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