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Cleaning Gloves


Protect your hands during any cleaning task with our range of washing up gloves. Cleaning gloves are a versatile and reliable way to keep your hands protected while cleaning the kitchen, bathroom or office space, or while washing dishes. Our premium range of washing gloves can shield your skin from chemicals, dirt and water, keeping it clean and free from irritation.



Protection From Water and Chemicals


With their waterproof design, washing up gloves can keep your skin dry and protected in any cleaning task that involves water or chemical exposure. Whether you’re submerging your hands in a washing-up bowl to clean dishes or scrubbing surfaces to keep them fresh and hygienic, a pair of cleaning gloves will prevent your skin from making contact with water or harsh chemicals. Your hands will remain safeguarded from the moment you put on a pair of gloves until the moment you remove them.



Versatile Uses


A pair of washing up gloves has a variety of uses for any job where your hands require extra protection, from cleaning the bathroom to tidying up the kitchen, doing a spot of gardening or wiping down surfaces. With proper use, washing gloves are also long-lasting and can be used many times before needing to be replaced. Made from durable materials, they can survive regular wear and tear. After use, simply rinse and hang up your washing up gloves to dry to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Store your cleaning gloves in a dry place where they will be ready for their next use.



Comfortable and Easy to Use


Our cleaning gloves offer a snug and flexible fit, meaning they can stretch easily over most people’s hands and will stay firmly in place. Because of this, your hands will remain in their full range of motion even when wearing the gloves, so you can go about your regular cleaning routine as normal with added protection from liquids, chemicals or sharp objects. Our washing gloves come in a variety of sizes, so there will be a comfortable fit for every hand size. Say goodbye to awkwardly fitting gloves that slip and slide around with gloves designed for any hand shape, hand size or cleaning task.



High-Quality Materials


Crafted from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, washing up gloves provide a barrier between your skin and the surface you are cleaning. These cleaning gloves have been specially designed to clean abrasive surfaces, allowing your hands to stay clean and comfortable in the process. Thanks to their durable nature, our products can withstand almost any cleaning task and many can be reused if you simply wash them, hang them up to dry and store them carefully, ready for their next use.