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What are the Most Preferred Soap Dispenser Models and Features?


Cleaning is one of the most important factors for people to maintain their lives in a healthy way. Although spending time in a clean living space is vital, nothing beats personal hygiene. Soaps are among the most commonly used cleaning materials to provide personal hygiene in daily life.


When bar soaps are touched by scores of people, bacteria formation has been observed on them. Therefore, liquid soaps are preferred for a more hygienic use in crowded places such as offices, workplaces, restaurants and shopping malls. In addition, hand soap dispensers are used to store liquid soap hygienically.


A wide variety of soap dispenser models are manufactured with the developing technologies. When choosing between these models, which have different features and designs, the place to be used should be considered. In this way, it is possible to make a more accurate choice.


Some of the soap dispenser types in Avansas's wide array are as follows:


  • Automatic soap dispenser
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Foaming soap dispenser
  • Wall mounted soap dispenser
  • Glass soap dispenser
  • Bathroom soap dispenser
  • Kitchen soap dispenser
  • Sensor soap dispenser
  • Ceramic soap dispenser
  • Touchless soap dispenser
  • Sink soap dispenser


Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

It is very important to wash your hands regularly at work. Where the soaps are, which have a very important role in killing the bacteria on the surfaces and preventing the spread of diseases, is a crucial detail. Wall mounted soap dispensers are one of the most preferred hand wash dispensers in non-domestic spaces. This model, which allows you to save space, is used practically by being mounted on the wall.


The most important detail is to assemble the wall mounted soap dispenser where everyone can easily reach. It should be a place especially accessible to children. You should also remember that soap will be filled into this dispenser at certain intervals. For this reason, you should not have difficulty filling soap in the place where you mount it.


Before mounting the wall mounted dispenser, you can mark its dimensions on the wall. After you drilled the back panel of the dispenser onto the wall, you can assemble the other parts. Then you can fill the dispenser with soap and start using it.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Many people touching the same surface can cause bacterial growth. Therefore,  many of the hygiene products are used without touch thanks to the developing technologies. The reason why automatic soap dispensers are highly preferred in places such as restaurants, shopping malls and schools is that they provide a completely hygienic use.


To use the automatic soap dispenser, all you have to do is bring your hand closer. In addition, these models dispense an equal amount of soap each time. In this way, soap waste is prevented and cleaning costs are reduced.

Foaming Soap Dispenser

Just like liquid soaps, foaming soap is one of the most preferred hygiene products. Foaming soaps, which are obtained by pumping liquid soap with air and turning it into foam, can be used with the help of a dispenser. Foaming soap dispensers are easy to use. It is generally used by mounting on the wall. All you need to do is remove the cover on the top and fill it with soap when needed. 


What Should You Consider When Buying Soap Dispensers?


There are a few important details to consider when purchasing a soap dispenser set. Above all, your intended use is extremely important. The type of dispenser you choose is shaped according to the purpose of use.


If you are purchasing a soap dispenser for your workplace, it will be more beneficial to choose a large capacity product. Thus, the soap lasts longer and you don't have to refill it over a long period of time.


If you are purchasing a soap dispenser for a small room such as the bathroom of your home, you can choose a minimally sized product. You can choose more decorative and stylish models for your home. Copper soap dispenser and glass hand soap dispenser models have an elegant appearance.


How to Choose Soap Dispensers for the Kitchen?


Soap dispensers are also frequently used in kitchens. Going to the bathroom is a waste of time when you have to wash your hands while cooking and washing dishes. Therefore, it is convenient for you to have a soap dispenser in your kitchen. You can choose a small and handy soap dispenser for the kitchen. Thus, it does not take up too much space and does not restrict your elbow room. If you have space on your wall, wall mounted liquid soap dispenser models are also suitable for the kitchen. These models, which do not take up any space on the counter, comfort you with their easy-to-use designs.


How to Choose Soap Dispensers Used in Public Areas?


Liquid soap is used in restaurants, business centers, factories, large shops, shopping malls, sports centers and many other workplaces. Soap dispensers with different sized reservoirs are preferred for the use of liquid soap in a hygienic way. Wall-mounted soap dispensers are mostly used in public areas. Among the wall mounted dispenser models, automatic hand soap dispensers attract attention with their handy designs. For public areas, it would be advantageous to choose a large-capacity, touchless and easily refillable product.


What Are the Advantages of Using Soap Dispensers?


  • Soap dispensers play an essential role in reducing cleaning costs. It prevents soap waste and saves you money.
  • Thanks to the automatic and touchless soap dispenser models, it provides effective cleaning as you do not touch any surface.
  • Wall mounted soap dispensers save you more elbow room as they do not take up any space on the counter.
  • Avansas' product range includes soap dispensers made of different materials and stylish designs. You can tone up the decoration of your home by choosing a suitable model for your living space.