Brother Toner Cartridges

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Brother Toner Cartridges


If you're looking for toner cartridges that offer high-definition print, have an exceptional print yield, and tick all the eco-friendly boxes, then Brother toner cartridges could be just what you're looking for. As Europe's leading supplier of office essentials, facilities, and accessories, we can offer you the best products at the best prices. With various delivery options available, you can have your Brother toner cartridges in as little as 24 hours, whether making a one-off purchase for yourself or buying in bulk for your business.

It's worth pointing out that toner cartridges are designed for laser printers, as opposed to inkjet printers. The critical difference between Brother toner cartridges and Brother ink cartridges is their contents.



The difference between Brother toner and ink cartridges


Brother laser printer toner cartridges contain a combination of pigments, carbon, and microscopic particles of plastic. Unlike ink cartridges, these form a dry powder. Ink cartridges contain a suspension of pigment particles or dye in a liquid or gas. Ink cartridges release the pigment in their carrier liquid, which will need some time to dry before it's ready to touch. However, Brother laser printer toner cartridges rely on an entirely different process to achieve high-definition results.

Laser printers employ a process known as heat-transference printing to achieve sharp and touch-dry results. This involves using lasers to carry what's to be printed onto a metal drum. In turn, the drum uses static electricity to attract the toner powder before rolling it onto the paper. As the cylindrical drum rolls onto the paper, it heats up, melting the toner onto the parts that need to be printed. The result is sharp text that is dry to the touch almost as soon as it reaches the paper output tray.



Original vs compatible Brother ink cartridges


While many view in-house printing as an expensive process, Brother laser printer toner cartridges might actually be able to save you money. The company tested their original products against compatible cartridges and found that, while some compatible laser toner cartridges had an unreliable print yield, their cartridges consistently fulfilled their allocation. For business, cartridges that fail to fulfil their quota of pages can result in time spent changing cartridges and money spent on replacing them unnecessarily.

In addition, the independent tests found that Brother toner cartridges delivered consistent levels of print, while some compatible cartridges were found to underperform.



Saving money with Brother toner ink cartridges


However, budget can be a restriction when it comes to smaller businesses and sole traders. If you want to maximise the cost-efficiency of your print runs and marketing campaigns, it might be worth investing in a Brother printer that can accommodate high-yield Brother laser printer toner cartridges. High-yield cartridges are larger than their standard-sized equivalents and, as a result, can print far more pages before they run dry. Typically, they contain up to 50% more ink than standard toner cartridges. According to Brother, a typical cartridge will print around 1,200 pages, while some high-yield cartridges can deal with up to 8,000.

While they might require a larger short-term outlay, high-yield Brother toner cartridges quickly pay for themselves in terms of their capacity to print more pages. It's worth knowing that most Brother laser printers will accommodate high-yield Brother toner cartridges, so you may not have to splash out on a new one.



Going green with Brother


Many worry that using original cartridges can harm the environment. However, Brother employs a recycling programme that allows its users to send their old cartridges back to the company to be recycled. If promoting your commitment to the environment to your colleagues and customers is an integral part of your business' ethos, there are four steps you can follow.

  • • Visit the Brother website, where you’ll find a recycling form. Fill in your details and let the company know how many Brother toner cartridges you’re looking to return.
  • • Depending on the number of cartridges you want to recycle, Brother will either send you a prepaid box or envelope in which to return them. For smaller numbers, you can download a free postal label and send them back in their original packaging.
  • • Fill the appropriate packaging or box with your old Brother laser printer toner cartridges and seal it.
  • • Pop your box or envelope in the post, and Brother will take care of the rest.