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Laundry Supplies

Clean your dirty clothes with laundry supplies to make them silky and fragrant. Use laundry supplies to ensure that all your clothes preserve their colour and texture, and wear your clothes as if they are brand new. Choose from detergents with various compositions; go with capsule detergents for effective cleaning and protection, or use liquid detergents for deep cleaning.

Unlike soaps, laundry supplies produced with alkaline sulfonation do not contain animal or vegetable oil. The complexing agents, bleaches, stabilisers, colloidal carriers, disinfectants and fillers in the complex formula of detergents provide bathotonic properties, allowing your clothes to be thoroughly washed.

In addition to the types of laundry supplies, detergents also vary according to colour. Choose laundry supplies for whites for washing white laundry such as curtains, sheets and underwear, and choose laundry supplies for colours for washing daily clothes with more vibrant colours and other coloured laundry.

Find effective laundry detergents and softeners suitable for both whites and colours. Detergents for whites ensure deep cleaning without damaging your clothes and easily remove all unwanted stains with their superior formula. Detergents for colours provide practical cleaning by protecting vibrant colours of your laundry. Detergents for dark colours allow you to comfortably wash your dark-coloured clothes and prevent their colours from fading. Softeners developed specifically for sensitive skin can be comfortably used for the clothes of your baby just as well as yours.

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