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What Should You Consider When Buying Facial Tissues & Tissue Boxes?


Facial tissues are a vital and convenient product for hygiene with many uses in both the home and office. Facial tissues are considered a substitute for the more old-fashioned style of cloth handkerchiefs and have the added benefit of being disposable that increases hygiene and protects health. People generally use tissues for the removal of nasal mucus and for blowing their noses. The product is versatile and has several other functions.


Facial tissues were first developed in Japan and named Washi back in the 17th century. In 1924 Kimberly Clark introduced paper tissues in their current form to the rest of the world with the Kleenex brand. Although people first used the product for removing cold cream, it later became known as the disposable tissue.


Tissues are functional products and have many handy uses including use as a facial blotter when applying makeup or for removing makeup, for cleaning up spills, and dusting. They can also be used as protection when sending delicate items through the post. Tissue dispensers offer convenience in keeping your tissues tidy and ensuring less waste as they dispense the product one sheet at a time. A standard box of tissues may cause some tissues to pull out together.


Before purchasing facial tissues, you should make some considerations. The softness and ply count is vital for softness and absorption. Another point to look at is whether the product is environmentally friendly and holds FSC certification. Finally, the cost is a point to examine. Although tissue prices may seem reasonably priced, they can mount up if you purchase the wrong product. Avansas has a variety of tissues, tissue boxes and tissue dispensers from various brands available for sale on its user-friendly website. Order today to get competitive prices on our products with fast next-day delivery!


How Do Facial Tissues Differ from Toilet Paper?


Facial tissues and toilet paper are very similar products but have some subtle differences between them. The main variation is that manufacturers design toilet tissue for fast dissolving and easy-flush, meaning that it does not clog your toilet or pipes. However, facial tissues have a smoother surface and are not designed to dissolve in water, thus you should not place them down the toilet.


Another difference in the products is that facial tissues are softer with added balms and softeners to protect your skin. Toilet paper may not feel as comfortable when wiping your nose and may irritate your nose resulting in discomfort.


What are the Types of Facial Tissues & Tissue Boxes?


Facial tissues are a handy and highly effective hygiene product for both the home and office. You can use them to protect hygiene and for the effective clean-up of minor spills and dust removal.


There is today a wide choice of tissues available on the market. Regular boxes of white tissues are cost-effective and also come in extra-large sizing for your convenience. In addition, there are tissues available with softeners, lotions, or perfume for added protection and softness against heavy colds and flu.


Tissue dispensers are ideal for homes and workplaces and designed for easy access to your tissues. They protect your product from dust and offer ease of use with their large opening, ensuring that you only pull out one tissue at a time resulting in less waste. You can purchase facial tissue dispensers in a variety of finishes, including chrome and bamboo.


How Much Do Facial Tissues & Tissue Boxes Cost?


Facial tissues are one of the most widely used hygiene products that we regularly use in our lives. Tissues are economical and hygienic while also being practical. The product is available for sale in tissue boxes and dispensers to offer ease of use and to save you money.


Avansas offers a wide range of tissues, tissue boxes, and tissue dispensers for sale from brands including Avansas, Kleenex, Maylo, and Cheeky Panda. Prices vary according to the number of sheets and ply count. We also offer products to bulk-buy, assisting you in reducing your office expenses. Browse our excellent product range for your home and office that suits a variety of budgets. Avansas always offers quality brands with competitive pricing, helping you to save money and organise your office.


Are Facial Tissues & Tissue Boxes of High Quality?


When you feel under the weather with a bad cold or when cleaning a drink spillage, it is crucial to have a product you can trust that offers high absorbency and softness. Facial tissues produced from tissue paper and pure chemical pulp may have softeners added for your comfort. Tissues are sold according to their ply count and generally consist of 2 or 3 ply count. The higher the ply, the softer the tissue is on your skin as ply count refers to thickness.


Tissue dispensers are becoming more popular nowadays as a method of dispensing individual tissues. The standard cardboard tissue packaging may not be what you are looking for in your stylish bathroom or kitchen. Dispensers offer great value and high quality in several finishes including chrome, leather, and bamboo.


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