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Staplers & Stapler Stationery Supplies


While the 21st Century has seen no end of gizmos and gadgetry become office essentials, some pieces of equipment have been around for longer. Pens, pencils, and paper are undoubtedly next to impossible to do without, but let's not forget the humble stapler, which has literally become an office staple! However, while most people think of them as something simply to fasten pages together, there's much more to stapler stationery than meets the eye.



How do staplers work?


Fundamentally, staplers are there to secure sheets of paper together, helping to keep your documents, files, presentations, and other forms of paperwork organised and intact. They use double-toothed staples to puncture pages before folding the two prongs together on the 'crimp area,' to create a firm fastening. While they might be one of the more analogue devices in your workplace, they allow you to keep your workspace free from rogue papers and can add a professional edge to your documents. While a brightly coloured plastic side binder might appeal to you, it might not to your clients or colleagues. Using a paper stapler helps to keep everything in place and looking its minimalist best.



Different types of stapler stationery


Deciding which stapler stationery cupboards in your office could benefit from can be more involved than you might first think. Different devices are suited to different jobs, so choosing the right one can make all the difference between making the finished article look the part or delivering something that looks below par and is likely to fall apart in a light breeze. To help you make the right choice, here's a quick guide to the most common devices you're likely to come across.



Full-strip staplers


Full-strip, also known as desktop staplers, are the kind of paper stapler with which most of us are familiar. Their name comes from the fact that the spring-loaded magazine will accommodate a full strip of staples. Manually operated, they can usually staple between 20 and 50 sheets in a single sitting. However, to be sure, check out the product descriptions that accompany the photos on our website. There, you'll see the number of pages each stapler can deal with at once, along with other details, such as the GSM of the paper for which they're suitable for use.



Half-strip staplers


Half-strip staplers are smaller, and their magazines will accept up to half a full strip of staples. These tend to be used for more lightweight work and will cheerfully fasten between around 15 to 30 pages in one go. Like their full-strip cousins, they're designed to be used against a flat surface to ensure that the staples are driven through the sheets efficiently and secure properly.



Heavy duty staplers


Heavy-duty staplers are best suited to offices where there's a constant stream of heavyweight documents to be fastened together. Again, these are designed to be used on flat surfaces and can typically deal with anything up to 70 sheets with a single press. However, to be sure, check the product description, particularly if you're after heavy-duty staplers capable of securing even more pages.



Plier staplers


Plier staplers tend to be used in offices where packaging is important. Unlike their desktop counterparts, these use a lower lever to drive the staple through the required surfaces, allowing them to be handheld. As a result, these heavy duty staplers are a popular choice when it comes to stapling boxes and cardboard or fixing delivery notices to packaging.



Archive staplers


Another one of the family of handheld heavy duty staplers, archive staplers are perfect for when organisation is a priority. While they’re capable of stapling large bundles of paper together, they can also be used to staple archive boxes, ensuring that they remain as sturdy as they need to be.



Tacking staplers


The heaviest of the heavy duty staplers you're likely to find in any office, tacking staplers are used to fasten denser materials. The main difference between these and regular devices is that the staple isn't crimped. Instead, these devices use a longer lever to drive the staples into surfaces, such as wood, with such force that there's no need for crimping, as the staples don't come out of the other side. These require specialist staples to get the job done and, for safety purposes, should only be used on materials of the appropriate thickness. Perfect for packaging or securing notices to wooden posts, they're the heavyweights of the office stapling world.



Style and substance


While there are practicalities to consider, aesthetics can play an important role in any office. Browse our selection, and you'll find staplers made from the sleek chic of metal, rubbing shoulders with those made from fun and funky plastic. You'll also find those made with ergonomics in mind and even devices made from recycled materials, so you can keep a watchful eye on your company's carbon footprint. 

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