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Workplace Hygiene Products


Proper workplace hygiene is vital in creating a healthy and productive work environment, stopping the spread of coughs and colds and keeping everyone safe. At Avansas, we offer a wide range of workplace hygiene products to suit all professional settings and needs. Whether you need to stock up the office communal areas with tissues and hand sanitiser, clean up the bathroom with antibacterial wipes or equip the kitchen with products to keep worktops tidy, our range of hygiene products offers the perfect solution for a workplace that looks after the health of your employees or customers. 



Keep Surfaces Sanitised


Workplaces usually have a high number of people coming in and out of the building on a daily basis, meaning that hygiene becomes a priority. To keep things fresh and sanitised, make sure workplace hygiene products are available to your staff at key points in the building, such as meeting rooms, communal seating areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Our range includes hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes, tissues and disinfectant spray, making it quick and easy to clean up after any coughs, colds or liquid spills. 


Personal Care Products


Encourage staff to maintain hand hygiene by providing a variety of hand-sanitising products throughout the workplace. Hand-sanitising gels and sprays are a simple way to keep hands clean on the go and come in small, personal-sized bottles and jumbo refill bottles that can provide enough for the whole workplace. Our workplace hygiene products also include items such as facial tissues, wet wipes and hand soaps, so employees can feel comfortable and refreshed as they go about their day. 



Stock Up on Tissues and Wipes


The spreading of cold or flu germs can not only make your workplace unpleasant, but it can cause sick days, decrease productivity and reduce morale. Our range of tissues and wipes can help stop the spread of disease by encouraging staff to increase their use of hygiene products while on the go around the workplace. From simple packets of tissues to large heavy-duty packs of bacteria and virus-fighting wipes, we have a huge range of products to suit any size of workplace or budget. 



Protect with PPE


In some work settings, additional workplace hygiene tools may be required, including personal protective equipment (PPE). Provide your workers with our range of protective equipment, which features protective gloves, face masks, aprons and respiratory protection. Not only can these tools help promote hygiene, they can also protect staff from potentially serious injuries during their work activities.

At Avansas, we’re proud to offer this wide range of hygiene products suitable for any workplace at affordable prices. The option of next-day delivery means you can stock up on all your essentials and ensure your workplace is a healthy, clean and welcoming place to be.