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School Stationery


While those ‘Back to School’ signs in shop windows might fill your kids with dread, having the right school stationery is fundamental to getting through the day. Without all the right bits and pieces, students can’t make notes to involve themselves in practical lessons, and, as a result, may find themselves falling behind or in trouble. However, stationery of this sort isn’t only for use in school. Some homework requires specific stationery. The Avansas collection has everything you need to ensure that your young student is equipped to deal with the tasks they’re faced with.



The basics


When it comes to the absolute basics, school stationery sets cannot be without pens, pencils, and erasers. HB pencils are the most commonly used in education, while black and blue ink are the most widely accepted colours for use in the classroom.  

When choosing erasers, be sure to look for PVC-free versions. Once a standard ingredient in rubbers, polyvinyl chloride plastic has been found to be extremely hazardous to health. The erasers in the Avansas collection are PVC-free and will easily erase marks made by standard or coloured pencils.



All the trimmings


However, the requirements for education go far beyond pens, pencils, and rubbers. Our range of school stationery sets includes those that have all the trimmings, such as pencil sharpeners, coloured pencils, rulers, glue, and even calculators. Some sets include clear pencil cases, which is now a requirement in exam situations so that invigilators can be sure that students haven’t sneaked any prohibited little extras into the test.



Specialist stationery


Maths is a subject that requires its own special set of tools. The Avansas collection of mathematical accessories includes everything from protractors and compasses to fact sheets and set squares. Because many of these items either have sharp edges or points, they tend to come with a durable, plastic case for protection.