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Desktop Calculators


When it comes to getting the facts and figures right the first time around, desk calculators from Avansas are literally something you can count on. Whether you work from home or as part of a conventional office setup, desktop calculators are an essential piece of business equipment. They can even outshine the likes of computers and laptops. Portable, durable, and easy to use, they're something that no office worker should ever be without. 


Business desktop calculators 

While we stock an extensive selection of standard office calculators, we also offer a range of desk calculators designed with business in mind. In addition to taking care of all the adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing you need, these devices come with a few extras. You can take care of financial and business calculations, sort out any statistics you need to, and even improve your time and data management protocols. Business calculators are relatively simple to tell apart from their more basic counterparts, as they'll typically have more buttons, offering a greater number of functions. 

However, if all you need them for is to tot up figures at any given moment, standard office calculators tick all the right boxes. To help you make the right choice every time, you'll find that each of the photos of our desk calculators is accompanied by a brief description of their functions. Using these to guide you through our collection, you'll find it that much easier to find just the one you're looking for. 


Portable and powerful 

Desktop calculators are perfect for home offices and workspaces where space is at a premium. They can be stored in your desk's drawers, kept within easy reach on our desktop, or, should you need to complete some work on the go, be easily carried in your briefcase or laptop bag. 

Most of the desk calculators on our website are powered by batteries, giving them a slight edge over computers. In the event of a power outage, you can still solve those sums, and there's no chance of your figures being exposed to viruses or hackers. If you want to keep your expenses down, they're compatible with rechargeable batteries, which also help reduce the size of your carbon footprint. However, if you really want to communicate your commitment to the environment, we also offer a selection of calculators that run on solar power. 


User-friendly office calculators 

While some of the more complex devices in our range can look a little intimidating, they're all designed with the user in mind. At Avansas, we offer desktop calculators from some of the biggest brands on the planet, which have been created with functionality and ease of use at the forefront of the design process. Each of our desk calculators comes with an instruction booklet, so should you suddenly find yourself feeling a little out of your depth, you'll have some reference material to hand to point you back in the right direction. 


Choosing desktop calculators 

When choosing the best option, you should start by looking at what you need it for. A business calculator is the way forward if you're likely to use it for complex calculations, such as taxes and profits, or if you need to plot out accurate graphs or collate statistics. For anything else, standard desktop calculators have everything you need. 

With the need for your calculators decided, it's time to look at the aesthetics. You'll find that some of our devices have screens with room enough for eight digits, while others have room for 12. If absolute accuracy beyond the decimal point is vital to your business, opt for a larger screen. If not, eight digits will tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. 


Catastrophe-free calculations 

The size of the buttons and the distance between them can also have a significant impact on ease of use. If you're buying desktop calculators for yourself and have difficulty with smaller symbols and icons, look for devices that sport larger-than-average buttons. Similarly, if you tend to press buttons as though you're wearing boxing gloves, office calculators with slightly more distance between the keys can help to minimise the potential for mistakes. However, if you're buying for your employees and everyone is dextrous enough, standard-sized buttons are the way forward. 


Number-crunching in style 

If you're a regular attendee of business meetings where calculations are needed quickly, we even offer a range of devices integrated into conference folders. With notepads as part of the setup, you can take notes and tackle those figures simultaneously. 

Avansas is Europe's premier supplier of office essentials and accessories. As such, we can offer the best products, from the best brands, at the best prices. Whether you're ordering in bulk for the office or making a one-off purchase for yourself, we treat each order with the same exceptional levels of care and attention. Check out our delivery options to receive your choice of office calculators as soon as the next working day.