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With the days of the typewriter long behind us, office machines are part and parcel of every 21st Century workplace, whether you conduct business from home or as part of a busy corporation. The Avansas range of office equipment holds everything you need to make your life that much easier and your work much more productive. From allowing you to bind and laminate your paperwork to giving you access to the Internet, we've got all the bases covered. Whatever you're looking for, we can offer you all the fundamentals and far more besides. 

The keys to productivity 

Computer and laptop accessories are the most essential items of both office and home office equipment. If you're stuck for space, check out our selection of keyboards and mice. Our wireless keyboards offer greater flexibility for anyone who needs their desktop for paperwork rather than typing. Rather than being shackled to the monitor, these give the option to type from wherever's convenient. However, if you've got the space and speed is more important than where you work from, our wired keyboards are easy to use, responsive, and designed to make your working day that much easier. An important piece of home office equipment, having the right keyboard can make all the difference to the way you work. 

Working on the move 

However, at Avansas, we know that work isn’t always confined to one room. Deals are often made on the go, and while the 21st Century offers the option for virtual meetings, there are occasions where only the face-to-face experience will do. In those instances, you'll need something to protect your laptop, whether you're on the road or toughing it out on a train. Check out our office equipment collection to ensure that your indispensable tech makes it from A to B without any damage. From laptop cases and briefcases to USB sticks and laptop stands, you can take your office with you, however you choose to travel. 

Essential ergonomics 

Whether you work from home or as part of a traditional setup, the fact that you'll spend at least two-thirds of your waking hours at your desk leaves the doors wide open for several health problems. As Europe's leading office equipment supplier, we've always got our eyes open for office equipment designed to minimise the potential for aches and pains. While we offer a selection of ergonomic desks and seating, some budgets might not stretch that far. To give yourself the support you need, but without spending beyond your means, our collection includes ergonomic back rests and foot rests, which give you all the advantages of specially designed office furniture without having to pay out too much. 

Similarly, those who spend extended periods at their desks, typing or using mice, are more susceptible to certain forms of repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. We offer a variety of solutions, including office equipment such as wrist rests and laptop risers. Designed to keep your body and posture in the perfect position for work, they're a great way to keep your productivity at the maximum while keeping strains, sprains, and discomfort down to a minimum. 

Paperwork that’s past it 

Shredders are one of the most essential office machines and pieces of office equipment that any company can own, regardless of how large or small that outfit might be. When it comes to protecting your customers', colleagues', and employees' information, disposing of paperwork correctly is paramount. The General Data Protection Regulation requires that all sensitive data be discarded following specific rules to effectively rule out the potential for compromise. 

If you’re getting rid of domestic documents, shredders with a cross-cut capacity offer the utmost security. However, if you're dealing with data that, should it fall into the wrong hand, could leave your clients and customers vulnerable to identity theft, then micro-cut shredders are the way to go. Either way, using a shredder can also help reduce your carbon footprint, allowing you to get rid of past-it papers in a way that's kinder to the environment. 

A layer of protection 

While destroying documents can be an important part of business, so too can preserving paperwork. Whether you're preparing for a presentation or want to ensure that vital hard copies aren't compromised by exposure to light, moisture, dirt, and grime, laminators are essential office equipment. Our range includes laminating office machines that use pouches or film, so you can make your papers as professional looking and as durable as you need them to be.  

Our reputation as the best office equipment supplier is founded on our customers' happiness. As a result, we treat every order with the same levels of care and attention, no matter how big or small they might be. Whether it's a bulk order for your business or a one-off purchase for yourself, you can have your office machines or equipment as soon as the next working day.