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Office Storage Solutions


Whether you work from home, in a busy office, or even as part of a catering team, storage is essential to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. At Avansas, we offer an extensive range of storage solutions designed to help you maximise your space, keep organised, and know where everything is without wasting valuable time looking for it. From large office storage boxes to storage solutions that'll make the most of your available room, we're sure to have just what you need to improve your productivity. 

Filing is an essential part of any work environment where paperwork is plentiful and documents are delivered by the dozen. While you could requisition a cardboard box or two to use as a makeshift filing system, gaining access to essential papers wouldn't be as easy as you need it to be. On top of that, piles of cardboard boxes look unsightly and can take up more room than you might be able to spare.



Simple office storage solutions


One of the most straightforward solutions is to take advantage of the space immediately to hand. Most office workers and those working from home tend to do so from their desks. Browse our selection of office storage solutions, and you'll find a range of suspension files that allow you to convert your desk drawers into a convenient filing system. Suspension files are essentially folders with metal hooks at either end of the opening edge. These hooks can then be placed over the runners in your desk drawers so that the files hang freely. With a series of folders available, you can file your paperwork according to your needs, safe in the knowledge that it's easy to retrieve documents when needed. 

However, suspension file boxes make an excellent stationery storage solution if your desk doesn't have drawers. Robust, compact, and stylish, they follow the same principle. The inner edges of the file boxes boast runners from which the suspension files can hang. Label your boxes according to their contents or use index tabs to create an instant filing system while keeping your paperwork safe, protected, and in perfect order.



Kitchen containers


When it comes to working with food, storage solutions take on an added layer of importance. While office storage solutions are there to keep your files and paperwork free from damage and safely tucked away, kitchen storage boxes need to protect both the contents and those they’re being served to. 

Good kitchen storage boxes should be airtight to prevent the growth of bacteria and moulds and prevent contaminants from making contact with any food inside. In addition, they should be comfortable in a range of temperatures, resistant to cracking, and durable enough to withstand the day-to-day battleground of a professional kitchen or catering unit. 

We offer a wide range of kitchen storage boxes in varying shapes and sizes. For added peace of mind, we stock those with airtight lids, so there's no chance of them being accidentally opened and exposing the contents to the air. Made from robust and durable plastic, they can be stacked and will cheerfully take the odd bump and ding. For businesses that want to communicate their commitment to the environment to their customers, you'll even find that many of these kitchen storage containers are 100% recyclable, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your carbon footprint.



Office storage boxes for every occasion


However, these containers aren't the monopoly of chefs, café owners, and restaurateurs. Because they are so durable and can be sealed tight, they make perfect office storage solutions. Should you need to archive paperwork or keep certain items safely stowed away, their waterproof properties make them far more dependable than cardboard boxes. In addition, many of these office storage boxes are manufactured from translucent materials, so you can quickly see whether what you're looking for is inside.



Making storage easy


With plenty of sizes available from which to choose, you can use these office storage boxes to keep as many or as few documents as you need preserved and protected. However, if the idea of lugging around a 50l-capacity storage container filled with files doesn't fill you with joy, we also offer models with built-in wheels. Solid and strong, they make transporting large quantities of food or paperwork much more manageable. However, for less heavy loads, our smaller plastic office storage boxes come with overhangs around the rim, so you can find purchase and lift them without too much trouble. 

As Europe's leading supplier of office accessories and essentials, we stock an extensive collection of office storage solutions. From those designed specifically for stationery storage to those built to cater for caterers or deal with larger volumes of paperwork, we've got everything you need. Be sure to check out our various delivery options, and you could have your office storage waiting for you in as little as 24 hours.