Multipurpose Labels

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Multipurpose Labels


With their practical use, multipurpose labels stand out as products suitable for use in all areas from offices to kitchens. Multipurpose labels are widely preferred for their facilitating functions and eliminate the need for additional adhesives.



What Are Multipurpose Labels, Why Are They Used?


Used for the first time on drug packaging in the 18th century, labels became part of a billion-dollar industry with the invention of multipurpose labels in the US in 1935. Multipurpose labels had a market value of $31.06 billion in 2018 and are expected to have a market value of $40.50 billion by 2023. Various research indicates that the dominant global companies in the market of multipurpose labels are located in the USA, Canada, Austria, Finland, Japan and Spain.

Multipurpose labels can be used for multiple purposes and offer various label alternatives for use on CDs, parcels, envelopes and boxes. Multipurpose label prices vary according to size and number of the products in the package.

These labels can be filled and affixed on any surface thanks to the adhesive on the back. Self-adhesive labels consist of three layers: The surface of use, the adhesive layer and the part that will be removed from the adhesive surface. Sticker labels are also used for multiple purposes. They can be affixed on jars and spice containers for a more practical kitchen. For a large number of letters, sticker labels with printed addresses can be affixed on envelopes to save time and effort. Labels can be used for the labelling of e-commerce products. They allow for practical affixing of data such as product names and expiry dates. They can be used as barcode labels. Label printers alleviate a significant burden in your work life. For label printing, you can choose among the most affordable of label printers.



What Are the Multipurpose Label Template Sizes?


  • • Large size labels vary between 300mm and 100mm.
  • • Sizes of 210 x 297mm and 210 x 294.86mm are the largest for shipping labels.
  • • Labels with sizes of 210 x 148.5mm and 199.6 x 143.5mm are ideal for medium size cargo.
  • • Labels with sizes of 105 x 99mm and 105 x 48mm are more ideal for smaller cargo.
  • • Medium size labels vary between 100mm and 50mm.
  • • Labels with sizes of 1 x 57mm and 99.1 x 34mm are used for small cargo and large envelopes.
  • • Labels with sizes of 5 x 38.1mm and 52.5 x 29.7mm are ideal for affixing on medium and small envelopes.
  • • Small size labels vary between 50mm and below.
  • • Labels with sizes of 45 x 30mm and 38.1 x 21.2mm can be used for large jars and cans.
  • • Labels with sizes of 30 x 12mm and 22 x 12mm can be used for small jars and spice containers



What Are the Advantages of Using Multipurpose Labels?


  • • They can be used everywhere from kitchens to offices.
  • • They come in different sizes, colours and shapes. These allow use for multiple purposes.
  • • They are durable. They can remain on the surface for a long time.
  • • They save time. When used with laser printers, they allow for the labelling of multiple products in a short time.
  • • They provide savings at home and in the office.
  • • When used in large numbers, they provide significant savings in time and money.
  • • They increase efficiency. They speed things up in the workplace with economical solutions. They offer clear solutions.
  • • They offer practical solutions for surfaces that are not physically compatible with printers.
  • • With label printing, you can print out labels unique to your company



Which Is the Multipurpose Label for You?


  • • Some labels come with 200 self-adhesive labels in one pack. They are compatible with MS Word.
  • • Labels with a size of 35 x 42mm can be used for barcodes and all shipments.
  • • White Shipping and Logistics Labels with a size of 210 x 148.5mm come with 200 labels in one pack.
  • • White Shipping and Logistics Labels with a size of 210 x 294.86mm come with 100 pages. They are compatible with MS Word.
  • • White Shipping and Logistics Labels with a size of 105 x 148.5mm come with 400 labels.
  • • Transparent Labels with a size of 64 x 34mm come with 600 labels.
  • • Large size multipurpose labels are ideal for shipping and logistics and preferred for affixing on parcels, boxes and pallets.
  • • Medium size multipurpose labels are usually used for addressing envelopes and parcels.
  • • Small size multipurpose labels offer practical solutions everywhere from kitchens to offices



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