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Lexmark Printer Ribbons


With an average estimated lifespan of around 18 months, Lexmark printer ribbons are the best way to ensure your Lexmark printer’s lifespan. While other printers use ink or toners, those that use ribbons rely on a process known as thermal transfer printing. Printer ribbon cartridges house ink that has a consistency similar to wax. When you choose to print a document, thermal-sensitive paper is sandwiched between the printer platen cylinder and its thermal head. When heat is applied to the ink and the paper, the cartridge melts and sticks to the paper.


Crisp, clear printing


Printing of this sort is well-known for delivering crisp and clear graphics and text, making documents and posters easier to read. Additionally, using Lexmark printer ribbons creates an image with a longer lifetime than those using traditional inks or toners. You’ll also find that, while printer ribbons cost a little more than their standard counterparts, you can expect to print far more in the long term, which helps to keep the running costs to a minimum. Plus, Lexmark printer ribbons are incredibly versatile, allowing you to print on a huge range of media stock.


Never run out of ribbons


Once melted for print, the waxy ink in Lexmark printer ribbons can withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, without degrading. As a result, these types of printers are often used to print identification tags for items that might find themselves in cold storage, such as foodstuffs and laboratory specimens. At Avansas, we stock an extensive selection of these ribbons, allowing you to stock up, whenever supplies are low. Whether you’re ordering a single ribbon cartridge or you’re buying in bulk for your business, we offer a next working day delivery service, so you need never find yourself without the appropriate tools for the task. Competitively priced and easy to use, they’re the perfect accessory for Lexmark thermal transfer printers.