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What Are The Different Types Of Cleaning Cloths & Microfibre Cloths?

Every person wants to spend time in a clean and tidy environment. For this, you should do the cleaning at regular intervals at home and workplaces. One of the most common cleaning materials used in general cleaning is cleaning cloths.


 It is important to choose cleaning cloths suitable for the material of the surface and area to be cleaned and the type of detergent to be used to provide more hygienic cleaning and keep the surroundings clean for longer. There are various types of cleaning cloths produced for different purposes. The features and intended use of each product are different from each other. Some of these products are as follows:


  • Washable sponge cloth
  • Microfibre glass cleaning cloth
  • Car cleaning cloth
  • Window cleaning cloths
  • Sponge cloth
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Disposable cleaning cloths


Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths have become one of the most popular cleaning products of recent years with the developing technologies. In fact, it has become the number one choice of cleaning companies in the cleaning industry because of its popularity.


Microfibre cloths are cleaning tools consisting of very thin threads. In other words, microfibre cloths are made up of thin threads even from hair strands. These cloths have 10 times more suction power than ordinary cleaning cloths.


Microfibre cloths can be called the best cloth for cleaning windows. It does not leave any stain or yarn on the cleaned surface. These cloths trap the dust on the surfaces in their specially designed pores. It can be used both damp and dry. In addition, it does not cause bacteria formation and can be used for a long time with peace of mind.

Sponge Cloth

Paper towels are widely used, especially in the kitchen. This is because it is disposable and affordable. In addition, disposable paper towels do not cause bacterial growth. Sponge cloth is just like a paper towel, but it is more advantageous because it is washable and reusable.


Sponge cloths are made of biodegradable material. Therefore, it has a highly absorbent structure. Sponge cloths can be washed in a washing machine. This means that a sponge cloth is equivalent to dozens of paper towels.


Sponge cloths can be used to clean almost any surface. It is suitable for use on special surfaces such as stainless steel, granite and computer screens. It thoroughly cleans the dirt, dust and grease and helps you have shining surfaces.


Where Are Cleaning Cloths & Microfibre Cloths Used?


Cleaning cloths are used for cleaning areas such as floors, toilets, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. There are cleaning cloths and microfibre cloths produced for use in various parts of your home.


First of all, it is necessary to know which type of cloth the area to be cleaned should be cleaned. Cleaning cloths suitable for the characteristics of the material to be cleaned should be preferred on floors such as parquet, wood, marble, glass and tile.


Microfibre cleaning cloths can be used for cleaning bathtubs, toilets and sinks. In addition, these cloths are used for cleaning metal parts such as faucets in bathrooms. Depending on the user's preferences, reusable cloths or disposable cleaning cloths can be purchased.


Do Cleaning Cloths & Microfibre Cloths Leave Marks On Surfaces?


The worst feature of poor quality cleaning cloths is that they leave stains on the cleaned surface. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have the desired cleaning feeling due to these stains. But quality cleaning cloths and microfibre cloths do not leave stains. These cloths make even challenging surfaces such as windows and mirrors shiny. You can rely on Avansas for a selection of the best cleaning cloths.


How to Choose the Top Quality Cleaning Cloths & Microfibre Cloths?


Although the cleaning cloth looks like an ordinary product, it has a considerably important role for effective cleaning. You can have a cleaner living space with a good cleaning cloth. Therefore, there are some points to consider when choosing.


  • Cleaning cloths should be chosen by considering the material of the cloth. In addition, the cloth you will use should be highly absorbent to clean the surfaces more effectively.
  • When purchasing a cleaning cloth, the quality, performance and durability of the product should be considered.
  • To clean your precious and delicate belongings, you should choose a cloth with a soft texture.
  • Kitchen cleaning cloth or kitchen sponge cloth should have a long life, antibacterial and high suction power.


Do Avansas’ Cleaning Cloths & Microfibre Cloths Work Well?


Effective cleaning is everyone's need. Therefore, it is crucial to have quality cleaning materials. Cleaning cloths offered for sale at Avansas are long-lasting and are produced for cleaning your surroundings deeply. Only the products of the highest quality and well-known brands are offered for sale for customer satisfaction. In addition, your satisfaction is under our guarantee at Avansas. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days.


Are Cleaning Cloths & Microfibre Cloths Affordable?


Cleaning is an essential requirement for maintaining a healthy life. Therefore, it is necessary not to compromise the quality of cleaning products. There are many brands and types of cleaning cloths on the market. Among all the diversity, it can sometimes be confusing to learn about the features of the products and choose the most suitable cloth for your needs.


Avansas has a variety of cleaning cloths to suit all your needs. Thanks to the user-friendly store layout, you can browse all products and read their usage instructions. You can choose from different cleaning cloth colours and models. You can get the best quality microfibre cleaning cloths at affordable prices.


Avansas guarantees your satisfaction in your purchases. All products offered for sale are both affordable and highly durable. In addition, you can benefit from next-day delivery options, secure payment options, and easy 30 day returns privileges for your shopping done on our internet site. Add the cleaning cloth you like to your basket and place your order!