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Paper and Mailing

Paper & Mailing


While 21st Century tech might have given us the facility for instant communication, there’s no escaping the fact that old-school paper and mailing is still the most popular way of getting in touch. According to research, for 99% of offices in Europe, paper and mailing are still the most widely used methods of making contact with customers, clients, and colleagues. The Avansas range of paper and postage supplies offers everything you need to keep your customers in the loop, whether you're organising a monumental marketing campaign or letters to selected recipients.


Perfect paper

As one of Europe's leading office paper suppliers, we offer sheets for every occasion. If you need to print up documents, letters, or even invitations, our selection of copy paper is sure to have just what you're looking for. When browsing our collection, be sure to read the description below the photo of the product you're looking at. You'll find all the information you need, including the paper's grams per square metre (GSM). This is a measure of the product’s weight. In short, the higher the GSM, the heavier it is and the more professional the finish. With this data, you'll be able to work out which is the best for your needs.


Essential envelopes and pristine parcels

No paper and mailing supplies would be complete without a range of envelopes to choose from. We offer an extensive selection of these versatile office essentials, from those that self-seal to those with address windows built into the front face. Whether you intend to print your own address labels, print directly onto the envelope, or print the recipient’s address onto the letterhead, we offer envelopes designed to save you both time and money.

However, paper and mailing aren’t restricted to letters and promotional material. Your business might need to package and deliver parcels, which require different forms of paper and postage supplies. Check out our dispatch cartons and bubble wrap to ensure that your packages look as good as they should and that the contents are completely protected. To make the labelling process even easier, we can even offer handheld label makers. These can be ideal to ensure that the recipient's address is clear and legible while making short work of getting the label onto the parcel itself.


Put a label on it

If labelling is part of the daily routine in your workplace, then a desktop labelling machine could be the way forward. We offer those capable of printing more than 60 labels per minute and even those that will let you see the size, type, and number of labels you'll need to get the job done. However, no respectable paper suppliers would offer these handy gadgets without having the labels necessary to keep them topped up. The Avansas collection includes everything from labels that are perfect for laser printers and those ideal for inkjets to self-adhesive and those designed specifically for packages. In short, if you need to stick an address on it, we’ve got the labels for you.


The human touch

While there are certain things in an office that can be automated, there are certain things that can't. If you want to make your parcels or envelopes much more personal, handwriting the delivery details effectively adds that personal touch. However, ensuring those details remain intact during transit can prove a problem. Check out our marker pens to combat the effects of handling, moisture, accidents, and temperature. From coloured pens to permanent markers, you'll find just the right thing to support your brand and ensure that your customers feel special. Similarly, wrapping packages is something that tends to be done by office staff. If you're looking for the right parcel wrap, packaging tape, or even parcel string, check out our range here on our website.

As one of the premier paper suppliers for offices in Europe, we make it our business to supply our customers with the best products, from the best brands, at the best prices. In addition to our extensive selection of paper and postage supplies, we offer a range of delivery options. Whether you're ordering on behalf of yourself or buying in bulk for your business, we treat everyone with the same levels of care and attention.