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Paper and Mailing

What are the various types of Paper and Postage supplies?


So much time is spent in the office that it becomes your second home. Some professional office supplies are essential for a relaxed and productive work life. The most commonly used stationery items in offices and workplaces include office paper and postage supplies.

Paper supplies vary according to various purposes and needs. Fax paper, copy paper, and coloured paper are the most used office paper products. Mailing supplies are also vital products in workplaces. Envelopes are among the most used paper products, especially in offices. Although there are many types of envelopes, those required for official documents are most popular.


Office Printing Paper

Among the office paper supplies category, office printing paper is the most preferred and most functional product. Printing paper is not only suitable for photocopying but also widely used for printing. Many brands have various types of printing paper differing according to weight and dimensions. Poor quality office printing papers can cause damage to printers. Avansas offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable photocopy paper on its user-friendly website.


Coloured Office Paper

Coloured paper is the more fun version of classic printing paper. Coloured office paper is suitable to achieve a more colourful result of your work. You can find coloured paper in various tones at Avansas. By comparing the products of quality brands and the features of these products, you can purchase the most suitable product.


Fax Paper

Although fax machines are no longer as popular, some companies still prefer to use them. When purchasing fax paper, you need to pay attention to choosing the appropriate size for your fax machine. Therefore, you must know what size and type of fax paper your device uses. You can find fax paper of different brands and sizes at Avansas.



Successful companies ensure that all professional materials that they use represent them well in relationships established outside the company. Envelopes with the company logo and name create a professional look and a more prestigious impression on customers. Envelopes are a popular office supply as you can use them to mail letters and documents. Inexpensive postage supplies are available for purchase on our user-friendly website at


What are the dimensions of Paper and Postage supplies?


Dimensions of paper supplies vary according to the intended use. There is an international standard used in printing, the A, B, and C series. The A-series is the most commonly used paper series, the B series used for books and passports, and C for envelopes. Paper dimensions vary A0 size is the largest at 84.1 x 18.9 mm. A3 copy paper is 29.7 x 42.0 mm, and A4 measures 21.0 x 29.7 mm. A4 photocopy paper is the standard for printers and copiers. A3 photocopy paper is twice the size of A4 and companies prefer it for drawings, diagrams, and tables.


Envelope sizes vary widely, but the most common dimensions are 15 x 15, 10 x 15, 12 x 17 and 15 x 21. It is important to know what purpose you will be using the envelope for before purchasing it.  Companies use open-end envelopes to ensure the secure delivery of their mailed documents. The most common envelope size measures 9 x 12 cm. Regular business envelopes are 4 1/8 x 9 1/2, 4 1/8 x 9 ½, and 4 3/8 x 5 3/4 cm.


How should you choose Paper and Postage supplies?


When purchasing paper supplies, weight is an important consideration. Low-weight paper is not suitable for photocopying purposes due to increased transparency, resulting in extra costs. The purchase of thick paper helps to reduce stationery costs and reduces budget.


Paper with a weight of 80 grams or less is not suitable for printing. A product with a gsm of up to 90 is advisable for single-sided printing. Higher gsm paper can be used in the double-sided printing of brochures and presentations. Products lighter than 200 gsm are not recommended for colour printing.


How much are Paper and Postage supplies?


Paper supplies are among the most consumable expenses in offices. Due to their high usage, it is more advantageous to buy these products in bulk. Avansas is the best address for inexpensive office paper and postage supplies.


Avansas offers a wide product range of paper and postage supplies whose prices vary according to the brand, size, quantity, and quality of the product. Likewise, there are envelope models of many brands in Avansas and the pricing of each is different. There is no fixed price range in the envelope category, where specially designed products are available in addition to standard sizes. In this sense, envelope prices vary according to size and type of product.


You can rely on Avansas, which has high purchasing power, to buy paper and postage supplies at competitive prices. Our professional team will carefully pack your products and deliver them to you undamaged. You can call our Customer Service line for any questions you may have and read customer comments for further product information.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


For sure, it is important to buy quality products at affordable prices. However, the most important detail in online shopping is security.  Shopping from a website you do not trust may cause you dissatisfaction. You can rely on Avansas for a safe and secure shopping experience. We are working non-stop to ensure that you enjoy every step of your shopping.


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