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Office Notice Boards & Magnetic Notice Boards


Noticeboards are a superb piece of equipment to have in your arsenal when it comes to ensuring that your office runs as smoothly as possible. Typically, they tend to be used to display and update information, such as when certain events are happening, important notices, and even specific rules and regulations. However, office noticeboards can be much more than somewhere to let people know what's going on. Versatile and even interactive, they can become the focal point of any workplace. 


Noticeboards for news 

The primary use for office notice boards is to highlight information, almost like an analogue newsfeed. Choose one with a darker background, perhaps made from felt, and your important papers will stand out, making them easier to see. You can also divide yours into sections so that people know, at a glance, which area has the most relevance for them. If you're short on space, these sections can even be used to impart information to different departments. When used as broadcast centres, noticeboards can easily be adapted to suit the needs of the business and your employees. 


Create a community with office notice boards from Avansas 

These boards can also play their part in creating a greater sense of community in the workplace. Notify your staff of an upcoming event, training courses, meetings, or a change in policy by email, before following it up with a more detailed communication on the board. Giving your employees a central point from which to receive information gives them the opportunity to have a quick chat about the latest boardroom bulletin, encouraging an exchange of opinions and deepening working relationships. 

However, they don't have to be a 'one way only' form of communication. They can also be used as a feedback centre between colleagues, customers, employees, and even between frontline troops and managerial staff.  


Two-way communication 

Enabling your workers to post thoughts and suggestions about current or impending projects can act as an extended brainstorming session, helping to increase focus and improve productivity. Customer feedback pinned on office notice boards or secured to magnetic notice boards is a good way of feeding back to the people involved, with information coming straight from the horse's mouth. Many offices are improving the levels of communication between workers and bosses by using these boards as a platform to give managers feedback. Whether you put up questionnaires surrounding issues in the workplace or have a day each month set aside for your staff to post their thoughts (anonymously or not) about the aspects of the business, noticeboards can act as a two-way street. 


Choosing office notice boards 

There are a few things worth taking into account before you commit to buying. The first is what you intend to use it for. If you want to use it as a hub for regular communication between you and your colleagues, this will have an impact on its size. The more information you need to display, the larger the board you'll need. However, if you'd rather communicate with each department individually, several noticeboards displayed in the appropriate areas could be a better investment. 


Style and substance 

Durability is also an essential factor in choosing office notice boards. Many of ours are bordered with aluminium frames, which are lightweight, rust-resistant, easy to clean, and robust. However, we can also offer those framed in plastic which, while equally resilient, deliver a less formal look. Magnetic notice boards, made from metal and coated in a layer of tough paint. When it comes to longevity, there’s little to beat their design. 

However, aesthetics can be equally important. Cork notice boards offer an informal vibe and are designed to be used without their appearance degrading. Felt noticeboards deliver a more contemporary feel and are best used in boardrooms or meeting areas. Should you prefer the more minimalist appeal of magnetic notice boards, you'll find that these come with the additional benefit of leaving paperwork and notices free of pinholes, using magnets to hold notices in place. 

While behind the scenes, office notice boards are beneficial for keeping the company united in culture, ethos, and communication, display equipment is also ideal for letting your customers know who you are. 


Communicating with your customers 

Notice boards certainly have their place in reception and waiting areas, giving visitors and clients a taste of your company's values and mission. However, if you want to provide them with the full flavour, you can use display equipment to convey your message. Items such as literature display stands allow you to showcase your business' booklets, leaflets, and flyers in style, without taking up too much space. However, if floor space is limited, we can also supply display equipment that can be fixed to walls, ensuring that your promotional material is easy to see and even easier to access.  

The Avansas range of noticeboards and display equipment has everything you need to improve contact and communication between employees and management, customers, and colleagues. With various delivery options available, you could be putting up your new office notice boards as soon as the next working day.