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Coffee comes to your aid in the busy work life; sometimes in breaks, and sometimes during a meeting. With stimulating properties in addition to a pleasant flavour, the coffee plant was first grown in Ethiopia. Differentiating from other hot beverages in roasting, brewing and even serving and also mixed with milk in addition to water, coffee comes in many varieties. There are also coffee varieties famous with their amount of consumption as much as production. While varieties such as filter coffee and espresso offer long-lasting consumption, certain varieties such as Turkish coffee offer a short-lasting, but more intense flavour.

Cups & Jugs

The category of coffee cups and jugs in various sizes include products by well-known and high-quality brands. These stylish, yet durable products are suitable for use in home or office environments. Coffee cups and jugs made of glass and porcelain materials have an extremely elegant and modern appearance. The pleasure of drinking coffee from a coffee cup is something else. Suitable for all drinks, handled cups also offer versatile use.

Affordable and quality coffee cups and jugs are available in single pieces or sets. For situations where multiple people will consume beverages at the office or at home, choose coffee cups in sets of six and twelve. Coffee cups made of glass and porcelain make cleaning easier as well. They can be cleaned easily with hot water and dish detergent. Thanks to their durable material, they are dishwasher-safe.

Find detailed information about products that double the pleasure of espresso, filter coffee and tea on the product pages, have a look at the product features and read the reviews on our website. Add elegant and stylish products to your basket and buy them on with affordable prices.