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Magazine Files


Given its name, perhaps the most obvious benefit to using a magazine file holder is to keep your favourite periodicals neat and tidy. However, you don’t need to limit them to the bathroom or the lounge. As well as files suited to the home, we supply a range of magazine files for commercial environments.  

Available in a selection of colours, styles, and designs, you can use them to display reading material in waiting rooms or at the front desk of your office premises. Having reading material, including your own brochures and promotional literature, well presented and easily accessible sets a professional and welcoming tone to any business surroundings.



Magazines or more?


The term’ magazine file holder’ has less to do with what it displays, and more to do with it displays the material. To make the most of this versatile office essential, it’s worth inserting your brochures, folders, magazines, and presentation files page-first, so that the spine in immediately obvious to anyone who is looking for something specific or looking for something to read.  

While they are perfectly suited to this purpose, they’re also ideal as desktop storage for files and documents that are regularly accessed but need to be conveniently stored when not being used. Using a metal or plastic magazine holder as a desktop filing accessory can help to ensure that you don’t have to go raking through archive boxes to find the information you need.



Magazine file boxes beyond the office


While a magazine file box might seem like a practical accessory in the office and a leisure essential in the home, they do have some plenty of uses beyond the workplace. If you’re a keen home cook, using a magazine file holder to keep your cookbooks organised and protected from the inevitable splashes, drips, and spits that come with the kitchen environment can be incredibly useful.  

If you have hobbies that require reference material you can stack your paperwork in an easy-to-reach format. When you need to tidy up when visitors are due to arrive, they can be easily moved to another room or a convenient storage area.



Keeping tabs


When it comes to filing, the responsibility doesn’t have to fall just on the magazine file holder. We offer a selection with dedicated inserts which allow you to pop in a label that’s as detailed as you need it to be. This allows the user to check that they’re looking at the right magazine file box and see exactly what the contents are before they start pulling out paperwork. 

Browse our collection of magazine files and you’ll find them available in a range of colours and designs and made from a variety of materials. Plastic holders are ideal for offices where the edge is on creativity, while our wire mesh magazine holders are completely at home with a more contemporary interior. However, it’s worth browsing our collection to find the style, colour, and finish that complements the feel and look of your workplace. Each magazine file holder on our website is accompanied by a photograph, product description, and dimensions, giving you all the information you need to make the right choice, first time around.



A versatile office essential


Part of the beauty of a magazine file holder is that it allows you to make use of those nooks and crannies. Their compact design allows you to store files, magazines, and documents in those places that often go overlooked. Due to the way they display the literature they hold, even the darkest corners can be used to improve the way you file important documents or reference material, ensuring that anyone who needs it has immediate and easy access. Perfect for creatives, hobbyists, and professionals, these make the perfect addition to any scenario where organisation, tidiness, and perfect presentation are the order of the day.



How green can you go?


Your commitment to the environment is ever more important for your customers and colleagues. If you’re looking to cut your carbon footprint, check out our selection of eco-friendly magazine file holders. These are made from post-consumer waste yet perform to the same standards and look just as good, as their plastic counterparts. Browse our collection and you’ll find those that are made from recyclable materials, derived from post-consumer waste. In essence, this means that these files have taken recyclable materials and repurposed them.  

Despite their green credentials, these are as durable, practical, and stylish as their paler-green cousins and many of those in our collection are certified by the Blue Angel organisation. This is a European ecolabel that sets stringent standards for products and services that, without question, tick all the eco-friendly boxes. If you want to communicate your commitment to the environment, these products are the ones to choose. 

As Europe’s leading supplier of office essentials, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers the best products at the best prices. Whether you’re buying for your business or making a one-off purchase for yourself, we’ll treat your order with the commitment and care it deserves.