Speciality Tea

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Is it easy to make speciality tea?


One of the best parts of making a cup of speciality tea is that the products are designed for even those wanting to make a cup of tea in a hurry. Here at Avansas, we know and understand that your time is important, both at home and at work, and we always look to provide products that are quick, easy, reliable and most importantly, delicious. The speciality tea bags sold within the speciality tea range are all quick and easy to make! Here is how you can make that perfect cup of speciality tea in the shortest amount of time:


  • Step 1: Bring water to boil (this can be done by either boiling water in a kettle or bringing water to boil on a stove).


  • Step 2: Place your chosen flavour of speciality tea bag in a mug and then fill the mug with boiling water until it is about ¾ full.


  • Step 3: When making tea, Let it steep (or rest) in the water. For those who enjoy tea that is weak, be careful to not leave the teab in for too long. For those who rather like tea that is strong, leave the tea bag in.


  • Step 4: Add in any extra ingredients you may want to enjoy in your speciality tea; milk, sugar, cream or anything else that will enhance the flavour of your drink.


  • Step 5: Sit and enjoy your delectably flavoured cup of speciality tea!



Does specialty tea sold by Avansas contain substances harmful to health?


The speciality herbal teas on offer within the speciality tea bags range contains a high amount of vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds and because of this, it is actually considered to be an extremely healthy drink that comes with many health benefits! Here are a few benefits of drinking any of these delicious and aromatic hot drinks:


  • • Boosts your immune system: Drinking tea helps to boost your immune system and may help your body to ward off disease and infection.


  • • Contains antioxidants: Tea contains a large amount of antioxidants known as flavonoids. Flavonoids have been connected to reducing inflammation and boosting immune system function. These flavonoids have also been known to be contributors in sustaining heart health and are associated with a low risk to heart disease.


  • • Contains only low amounts of caffeine: For those who enjoy a non-decaffeinated cup of tea at night, not to worry - tea actually contains a much lower amount of caffeine than coffee does. This means that you can take full enjoyment in having a cup of tea at night without having to worry about the amount of caffeine!



What should be considered when buying speciality herbal tea bags?


The best part about buying a pack of speciality tea is that you are receiving multiple flavours and kinds of tea! The packs on offer contain a mixture of some of the nation's favourite teas: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Peppermint, Green Tea, Camomile and Raspberry to name a few. With such a large selection of options, customers are spoilt for choice when purchasing a speciality tea mix! Here are a couple of considerations to make when purchasing any of the speciality tea mixes:


  • • Taste: Speciality tea comes with a wide variety of taste options. In order to get the most out of your purchase, customers should review the different kinds of speciality teas that can be found in each pack. If some tea flavours in this mix are not to your liking, customers may want to make the purchase with a friend and take half of the tea mixes. This is both saving money and ensures that you receive the tea


  • • Amount: PG Tips Speciality Tea Mix comes with six different teas, each tea coming with twenty-five tea bags. Those looking to order for an office or commercial use should consider bulk buys as opposed to this small quantity purchase. For customers looking at bulk buying tea, visit our everyday tea page!



How do I store speciality tea?


When purchasing speciality herbal tea, customers may keep the tea for an extended period of time. Here are a few tips and tricks that can keep your speciality tea fresh for longer:


  • • Storage: Storing your six boxes of speciality tea in an airtight container ensures that your tea will last and remain fresh for a longer period of time!


  • • Darkness: Storing your tea in a dark area (like in a cupboard or an opaque container) can help your tea to remain fresher for longer and can go a long way in extending the shelf life of tea products.



Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


Avansas adheres to having open and honest communication between ourselves and our customers. We adhere to strict regulations and protocols that ensure that we are a brand that you can trust.


Avansas offers a secure and easy to use system of payment that guarantees that your information will remain safe and that anonymity is upheld. Along with this, products are set up with guaranteed delivery time frames, ensuring that your product will be delivered safely and on time. For UK mainland deliveries (excluding the highlands), your products will be delivered to you within 24 hours. For Northern IE, Channel Islands, Highlands & UK Islands and Isle of Man, your purchases will be delivered in 48 Hours.


Avansas offers a wide range of products that look to have the highest quality and standard across all commodities sold. Along with the above assurances, our customer care service is always ready to help should you require any assistance with regards to any purchasing or payment issues.