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What are the types of bin bags & liners?


Bin bags and bin liners are among the basic needs for cleaning. It is also one of the biggest consumable expenses in homes and workplaces. Dustbin bags used to remove rubbish and mask bad odours are also advantageous with their affordable prices.


Avansas' product selection includes bin bags and liners varieties that will meet every need. Some of these rubbish bags are;


  • • Recycling bin liners
  • • Medical waste bin liners
  • • Heavy duty bin bags
  • • Light duty bin bags
  • • Kitchen bin liners


Standard light duty bin bag types are mostly produced by considering homes, offices or businesses. While a small-sized garbage bag is sufficient for your working room or office, very jumbo-sized models are needed in businesses such as restaurants or cafes. For this reason, manufacturers put their bin bag types on the market in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes.


Light duty bin bags sold under the name of small size can be 40 x 45 cm or 40 x 50 cm. Medium-sized bin bags are produced in 55 x 60 cm or 55 x 65 cm, large sizes in 65 x 80 cm or 65 x 85 cm, extra large ones are in 75 x 90 cm or 75 x 95 cm and jumbo in 80 x 100 cm or 80 x 110 cm.


You can choose the small and medium size models for the daily waste needs of your home and office, and you can choose between large, extra large or jumbo sizes for heavier garbage or extreme situations such as spring cleaning and moving.



What should be considered when choosing bin bags &  liners?


Bin bags have been used in bins for many years. Although they fulfill the same function, bin bags varieties have been renewed over time and thanks to developing technologies. There are a wide variety of thousand liners on the market today. There are some features you need to pay attention to in order to choose the right product for you.


  • • The first detail you need to pay attention to is what kind of bin bag you need. After clarifying the dimensions, usage area and purpose you need, you can find the product suitable for you.
  • • Newly produced bin liners come in a wide variety of colours. In addition, the amount of product in the packages varies. After deciding on the colour and quantity you want, you can purchase it.
  • • The product you will buy must be durable and suitable for long-term use. Bin bags made of poor quality materials cannot function and leave you halfway. Therefore, it is necessary not to compromise on quality when purchasing bin bags and liners.



What are the advantages of using bin bags & liners?


Bin bags and liners are indispensable products that make daily life easier. These products provide you many advantages both at home and at work.


  • • Bin bags and liners are very easy to use and practical products.
  • • Bin bags are very affordable when purchased in bulk.
  • • The types of bin bags produced against puncture and wear offer a much more hygienic and comfortable use compared to market bags, thanks to their resistance to different weights in line with the area of use.
  • • If you are sorting your waste for recycling, you may prefer biodegradable ones.
  • • Drawstring bin bags and liners mask bad odours.
  • • Quality bin liners prevent leakage of garbage water and thus contamination of floors.



How are bin bags & liners produced?


There is a wide variety of bin bags and liners available on the market. Bin bags types, which have advantages such as ease of use, lightness and flexibility, are generally produced in similar ways. Polyethylene material is melted and thinned. In this way, a bin liner shape is obtained. Bin bags density varies according to the characteristics of the garbage to be disposed of. Low density products are used for your heavy duty waste. Likewise, high density bin bags are preferred for daily waste. By browsing these features, you should buy a bin bag that suits your needs.



How much do bin bags & liners cost?


Bin bag prices vary according to their size as well as the extra features. Small size bin bag types with standard features are generally the most affordable alternatives. Details such as the number of bags in the package, brand and durability directly affect the prices of the bin bags. Hard-textured heavy duty bin liner models are often more expensive alternatives.


In addition to fragrant and colourful liner varieties, models developed for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are offered for sale at different prices. Thanks to our user-friendly website, you can compare the number and sizes of the garbage bag you buy to make sure it is affordable. You can rely on Avansas for the best quality and profitable bin bags. Plus you buy in bulk and avail amazing deals!



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