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Ballpoint Pens


Ballpoint pens are one of the most versatile and important stationery products on the market. First manufactured in 1888, they have a long history and have been employed by generations of professionals, students, writers and home users to take down notes, fill in forms and draft reports.

At Avansas, we stock a diverse range of ballpoint pens to suit every need. From ballpoint pens for drawing to colourful designs that are perfect for marking homework, you are sure to find the right pen for you.



How do ballpoint pens work?


The defining feature of the ballpoint pen is the small ball at the tip of the design, which is in constant contact with the ink. As it rotates, the ink covers the surface and transfers to the paper, ensuring a steady and consistent marking. 

When using this type of pen, you don’t need to apply too much pressure. The ballpoint design allows for a fluid, comfortable and reliable writing experience. The pen works on the majority of surfaces. However, some materials may cause the tip to clog. In this situation, simply wipe the tip with a wet napkin.



What types of ballpoint pens are there?


Avansas' wide product selection includes a wide variety of ballpoint pens produced by different ballpoint pen brands. These include:

• Cross ballpoint pens

• Ballpoint pens for drawing

• Coloured ballpoint pens

• Black ballpoint pens

• Blue ballpoint pens

• Retractable pens

• All-metal pens

• Luxury pens



What should you consider when buying a ballpoint pen?


When choosing a pen, there are several factors to consider. These include:

• Whether you are a home or professional user, cost matters. At Avansas, we stock ballpoint pens at a variety of price points so you can match your choice to your budget.

• With so many different brands to choose between, getting the right pen can be difficult. Fortunately, we only stock pens from trusted brands, so you always know you’re making a safe purchase. If you know your preferred brand, you’ll likely find it on the Avansas site, so get browsing!

• Intended writing surface. While some pens are only suitable for writing on paper, some are specially produced for writing on surfaces such as glass, ceramic or wood.

• If you’re still not sure, you can always check out user reviews. All products on the Avanasas site have a review section so you can leave your review or rely on other customers’ thoughts.



Online shopping for ballpoint pens with Avansas


The Avansas online store is your go-to destination for stationery. We offer high-quality ballpoint pens at affordable rates, so you can stock up without breaking the bank. As well as a diverse product range, we also offer several convenient UK delivery options so you get your items as quickly as possible. Shop for your pens and other stationery products in the Avansas online store today.