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Ballpoint Pens & Biros


Ballpoint pens are the tools we use most to jot down in our daily lives. First produced in 1888, ballpoint pens and biros are still one of the most widely used pens today. They are easy to use and carry. They’re the perfect partner to scribble down notes in a planner or notebook.


There is a ball at the tip of the ballpoint pens. That ball is in contact with the ink and rotates, allowing the ink to be transferred to the paper. The ball rotates continuously and provides uninterrupted writing. It may take some time before ink comes to the nib of the pen used for the first time.


When using a ballpoint pen, it is not necessary to put too much pressure on the paper. By freeing the hands, a fluent and comfortable writing can be experienced. The ink of the ballpoint pens has a paste-like structure. This paste-like ink can be used for a long time without being refilled.


Some surfaces may cause the tip of ballpoint pens to clog. When faced with such a situation, many people may think that the pen is broken. However, the pen can be reused by wiping the tip with a wet napkin or by soaking it in oil for 10-15 seconds.


Where Are Ballpoint Pens & Biros Used?


When choosing a ballpoint pen, the intended use and the surface to be written should be considered. While some pens are only suitable for writing on paper, some are specially produced for writing on surfaces such as glass, ceramic, wood. 


Avansas' wide product selection includes a wide variety of ballpoint pens produced by different ballpoint pen brands. The types of ballpoint pens and biros you can use for different purposes are as follows:


  • Cross ballpoint pen
  • Ballpoint pens for drawing
  • Coloured ballpoint pens
  • Coloured biro pens
  • Luxury ballpoint pens
  • Engraved ballpoint pen
  • Retractable ballpoint pen
  • All metal ballpoint pen
  • 10 colour ballpoint pen


Ballpoint pens are mostly used in offices and workplaces. In addition, students use it to take notes. It is produced to facilitate fast writing on paper and its ink dries immediately when it comes into contact with air. Thanks to these two features, it is indispensable for students who need to take quick notes. Since it can be used with both right and left hand, it is suitable for everyone. Ballpoint pens, which offer a balanced ink release, are also frequently preferred by designers and painters.


Some ballpoint pens are specially made for signing documents. It is not possible to remove the ink of document pens from the paper without damaging it. These pens are highly preferred to prevent document fraud.


How to Change Ballpoint Pens & Biros Ink?


When a ballpoint pen runs out of ink, it is usually thrown away. Refillable ballpoint pens are produced for reuse. In addition, this is a very economical method. Ballpoint pens made of durable material can be used for many years by changing the ink. Pen refills do not have a single standard. Therefore, when purchasing, you should pay attention to whether it is suitable for your pen. You may browse the wide product range of Avansas for best refillable ballpoint pen and refill types.


What are the Advantages of Using Ballpoint Pens & Biros?


The use of ballpoint pens and biros in business life and education brings many advantages. Some of these advantages can be summarized as follows.


  • Ballpoint pens are very long-lasting. The paste-like inks of the pens are very durable and do not dry easily.
  • Thanks to the caps of the ballpoint pens, it can be easily carried in pockets, bags and pencil cases.
  • The ballpoint pen can be used by changing the mechanism. In this way, even a single ballpoint pen can be used for a long time without any problems.
  • Using a refillable ballpoint pen is an environmentally friendly practice. It also helps you reduce your consumption expenses and save you money.
  • Thanks to the ballpoint pens and biros, which have a transparent design, the amount of ink can be easily seen.
  • Quality varieties such as the bic ballpoint pen have extremely ergonomic It is easy to grip and offers a smooth typing experience.


What Should Be Considered When Buying Ballpoint Pens & Biros?


There are some details you should pay attention to in order to buy a ballpoint pen that will meet your needs. Since there are so many varieties and brands on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. You can browse the ballpoint pens in Avansas' wide product selection and check over their features. Some of the details to pay attention to are:


  • Standard models such as the black ballpoint pen and blue ballpoint pen are ideal for office use. If ballpoint pens will not be used frequently, ones with caps should be preferred. Thus, even when not in use, the ink does not dry out and is always ready to use.
  • If you are looking for a ballpoint pen to use in your workplace, you can choose those with nib thicknesses of 0.7 and 1 mm.
  • For your DIY projects or designs, you can choose those with an interesting color such as gold ballpoint pens.


How Much Are Ballpoint Pens & Biros Prices?


Are you looking for the best biro pens and best ballpoint pen varieties? You can find all stationery supplies you are looking for at your local supplier Avansas. Besides, you can enjoy competitive prices.


There are many different factors affecting ballpoint pen prices. The brand, model, mechanism, quality of the product may change its price. There is a price difference between an engraved ballpoint pen and a standard biro pen. Products of the highest quality brands are sold at affordable prices in Avansas. You can add the product you like into your basket and buy it with a single click.


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