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Refill Pads


Our selection of refill pads helps you make the most out of your ring binders and storage files. Whether you regularly take reams of notes or your file storage system needs to be constantly updated, an A4 refill pad can make all the difference. Designed with pages that are easy to remove and the correct holes in the right places for the right type of file, they make adding and replacing notes and paperwork hassle-free.



High-quality paper


There's a common misconception that the paper in notepad refills is inferior in quality to other types of standard notepaper. The paper used in our selection of refill pads is just as dependable, pristine, and durable as any other kind you'll find. 

For assurance that the paper in any of the notepad refills is just what you need, you'll find each photo of our products accompanied by a product description. Among the details, you'll find a measurement of the paper's weight, measured in Grams per Square Metre (GSM). As a rule of thumb, the higher the GSM of the paper in your A4 refill pad, the thicker it'll be.



Tearing without ripping


If the idea of tearing out sheets from your refill pads sounds concerning, don't worry. Whether you buy a pad that tears out along the left-hand side or pads that allow you to tear from the top, each sheet features a thin layer of adhesive lining. While this layer is strong enough to hold your paperwork in place while writing, it's also light enough to make pulling pages out easy without ripping the sheets. In addition, you'll find we offer refill pads with holes punched along the appropriate edges for your files. Pads like the Pukka A4 Pad sport holes along the left side, making them ideal for ring binders and lever-arch files.



The important details


However, while they might simplify filing your papers, it doesn't mean any of the essential details have been overlooked. Most of our pads, such as the Headbound A4 Refill Pad, come with ruled margins and are feint ruled. Again, check out the product description to find the width of the rulings, which can help you get more written per sheet or ensure that your handwriting is correctly spaced and legible. With margins and lines in place, our range of refill pads is as ideal for use in school or college as it is for use in the office.



Bespoke filing options


Because we know that there are other forms of file storage in use, aside from ring binders and lever arch files, we also supply notepad refills that can adapt to your style of filing. The Executive Memo Refill Pad comes without any punched holes. Armed with a hole punch, you can adjust your sheets to fit virtually any file style. Alternatively, you can collate your pages into a quick and easy-to-read booklet using a stapler. For those who spend time in the boardroom and need to communicate those all-important first impressions, these notepad refills are compatible with our range of executive folders, such as the Monolith Leather Conference Folder.



Eco-friendly refill pads


A commitment to the environment can be important to your customers, clients, and colleagues. Pads like the Save the Rhino Recycled Pad use 100% recycled materials and paper from sustainable sources. With this particular product, each purchase results in a donation to a very worthwhile cause.

Our selection of refill pads offers everything you need, whether you work in an office or are a busy student. Check out our delivery options to receive yours as soon as you need it.