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Refill Pads 


While digital storage and apps allow businesses to remotely store important data, it can be equally important to store good, old-fashioned hard copies. Free from the likes of computer viruses, and easy to access without having to log on or remember a password, sometimes the traditional methods are the best.  

However, physically collating documents and paperwork can come with its own problems. Ensuring that the papers aren’t torn when they’re removed from their original source, and then punching holes in them to enable easy storage can be a bit of a headache. Refill pads offer the perfect solution to all your paperwork storage problems. 


Quick and convenient collation 

Using refill pads makes ordering notes and documents easy. The pages of most of these types of pads aren’t fixed together with staples, like their standard counterparts. Instead, the tops or inner edges of each page are lined with a thin layer of adhesive, allowing each page to be removed quickly and minimising the potential for rips or tears. Plus, the left edge of each page comes with holes pre-punched, so there’s no need to worry about the mess and time involved in punching your own perforations. Simply choose the pad that best suits your existing ring binders, and you’re all set to go. 


Colours and lines 

Should you need to colour-code certain pages, we even offer a range of coloured refill pads, so you can dedicate certain colours to certain topics or specific pieces of information. While many of our pads come with pre-ruled lines for handwritten notes, we also offer pads containing printable paper, suitable for use with inkjets and laser printers. Ideal for keeping your information clear and precise, they work in just the same way as their lined equivalents. We can provide next working day delivery, whether you’re ordering a single pad, or you want to stock up your stationery cupboard with bulk buy.