Lexmark Toner Cartridges

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Lexmark Toner Cartridges



What is Lexmark toner?


Lexmark toner is made up of plastic particles that have been ground down to a fine powder. The finer the plastic particles, the higher levels of print definition the machine will be able to achieve. This is combined with polypropylene wax, which acts as a lubricant, allowing the plastic to transfer onto the page and fixing it in place. The final component is carbon, which is added when the colour black is required. Compared to ink-printed documents, those using toner will dry that much quicker and minimise the potential for smudges.



How laser printers work


The process used by Lexmark laser printers is known as heat-transference. There are seven steps to printing a document:

  • • The information that needs to be printed is transferred to the printer, either wirelessly or through a cable.
  • • The printer heats up to the point where a wire, known as the corona wire, is warm enough to deliver a static electric charge to the printer’s central drum.
  • • With the cylinder now positively charged, a laser is used to beam the document’s data directly onto it.
  • • Where the laser beam touches the drum, the charge is changed from positive to negative. These are the areas that your Lexmark toner will adhere to.
  • • A roller coats the drum with Lexmark printer toner. As these are positively charged, they are attracted to the areas of text that hold a negative charge.
  • • The printer passes the paper to be printed on in front of the cylinder. As the paper is positively charged, it attracts the particles of Lexmark toner.
  • • The paper then passes into the fuser, where the Lexmark printer toner is fused to the page.



Can you recycle Lexmark toner cartridges?


If keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum is essential to you and your clients, Lexmark operates its free Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme. Studies by Lexmark have found that using this programme to recycle genuine Lexmark toner cartridges can reduce the carbon footprint of each cartridge by up to 60%. Each year, the company receives and recycles millions of toner cartridges, helping to minimise their impact on the environment.

However, it's worth noting that Lexmark will only accept genuine Lexmark printer toner cartridges. If you choose to buy Lexmark-compatible cartridges, you’ll need to find other ways to dispose of them. You can choose to either recycle individual cartridges or recycle them in bulk. For those looking to return individual cartridges, all you need to do is fill in a request form, and they’ll send you a box in which to put and post them, free of charge. This is ideal for people who use laser printers at home.

Businesses who print in bulk and use more Lexmark toner cartridges should use this request form. In this instance, Lexmark will send you a container designed to accommodate the number of cartridges you're looking to return. Again, this service allows you to send back used toner cartridges to Lexmark without costing a penny.



Maximise your printing capacity with Lexmark toner


The cost of printing can be restrictive for sole traders and those who run smaller businesses. However, there is a way to maximise what you get from Lexmark printer toner cartridges, which might help you to manage your printing budget. Each cartridge is allocated a page yield, which is the number of pages it should print before it starts to run out. The higher the page yield, the more pages it will print. Browse our collection, and you’ll find Lexmark printer toner with yields between 1,000 and 3,000 pages, allowing you to choose the right ones for your needs.

If you’re looking for toner cartridges that offer high-definition print, have a high print yield, and can be recycled for nothing, then Lexmark toner cartridges could be just what you're looking for. As Europe's leading supplier of office essentials, facilities, and accessories, we can offer you the best products at the best prices. With various delivery options available, you can have your Lexmark printer toner in as little as 24 hours, whether you're making a one-off purchase for yourself or buying in bulk for your business.