Disposable Tableware

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Is disposable tableware suitable for use in crowded environments?


Thanks to their various designs, disposable tableware is suitable for use on many different occasions. Whether it's to avoid washing up or looking to provide tableware for a large group of people at an affordable price, disposable tableware is a great solution for various situations. Providing tableware within a crowded environment can lead to hefty expenses and large amounts of tableware that will need to be washed up. When using disposable tableware, you are using a far more economical solution and cutting out any need for washing dishes! Disposable tableware, stirrers and cutlery for parties and other large events are designed specifically to make your life easier and provide for an economical solution to your tableware woes!


Is disposable tableware durable?


Disposable tableware is made to last for one meal so it is in fact not durable! Of course, the entire point of disposable tableware is the lack of durability found within each of the products. While the lack of durability is part of the one time use functionality and design of these products, Avansas assures that each of the offerings available are durable enough to provide a functional tableware  solution whilst in use.


Is it practical to use disposable tableware?


Party tableware is often used at events like picnics, camps and special occasions. The reason these products are so popular is due to the fact that they are affordable, easy to use and most importantly they are extremely practical! After eating, one can simply dispose of the tableware without worrying about cleaning any dishes. Party tableware stands out with its practicality, especially at large gatherings as they make it much easier to serve and clean up at birthday parties, weddings, engagement ceremonies and anniversary celebrations. Disposable tableware is designed specifically to make your life easier!


What are the types of disposable tableware on offer?


Avansas offers the following within our disposable tableware range:


  • Disposable Nylon apron: These disposable aprons are ideal for cooking or baking and are the best solution when wanting to provide protection to clothing whilst in the kitchen. They are designed to be comfortable and are ideal solutions for situations requiring practicality and hygiene.


  • Disposable Plates: Disposable plates are offered in either paper, foam or bagasse material and are sold at the most affordable prices. The bagasse material is made from the dry fibrous residue left over from sugar cane that has been pressed for juice. The result is an economical and sturdy selection of tableware that is compostable after use. Paper plates offer great value for money and are ideal for all sized events and due to them being disposable, the plates ensure your cleaning tasks are made easier. Foam plates offer practical solutions and they are suitable for all kinds of food and treats without the hassle of having to wash up! Each of these disposable plate options are designed to make your life easier and provide you with a product that is convenient and simple to use.


  • Disposable Straws: Disposable straws are designed to be one time use products that can be used at the office, at large events or even in restaurants. The disposable straws on offer are of the best quality and are designed with consumer satisfaction being the most important product feature!


  • Disposable Coasters: Sofora Coaster allows for you to keep your desk and coffee table clean as well as enriching the decorative flare of your home or work space with their elegant designs. It is an ideal product for customers who do not want to have coffee or tea mug stains on their desks and tables.


What should be considered when purchasing disposable party tableware?


When purchasing any disposable party tableware products, the following points are important and should be taken into consideration:


  • Size: Made from various materials, disposable tableware come in packs of 20, 50, 100 and 125. Each product has various sizes on offer, these include options that are 17cm, 22cm, 21cm or 400cc. With these various sizes available, customers are sure to find the disposable tableware products that are best suited to their needs.


  • Amount: Bulk disposable tableware is offered by Avansas and for those customers looking to serve large groups of people, our bulk offerings provide a cost-effective solution to your tableware issues! With a simple disposable design suited to be thrown out after use, big events and functions have never been easier to host and organise!


  • Material: As discussed above, the party tableware sets available on Avansas come in different materials. When deciding on the kind of material best suited to your needs, customers should be sure to read up on the detailed product descriptions to find the best party tableware sets!


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


When purchasing any goods from avansas.com/uk, users are assured that we always make sure to protect your payments with our high end security infrastructures. These security systems include your credit card payments being protected by 3D Secure and Verisign secure payment infrastructures which ultimately means that all your information is secured and your privacy is upheld.


Along with the above guarantees, our customer care service is always ready to help should you require help or information with regards to any purchasing or payment issues. The payments you make on our user-friendly website are secure with end-to-end encryption and if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are welcome to return it within 30 days using our free and easy to use DHL courier service.