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What are the advantages of using laptop & travel bags?


The use of laptop bags and travel bags has become a necessity in today's ever changing technologically inclined world. One simply doesn't knock off from work at five O’clock, leaving papers and work documents in the office, nowadays that work comes home with you in the form of a laptop. Not only do we take our laptops to and from work but it also comes with you to the coffee shop, the park and it may even find its way onto your holiday! Laptop bags have thus become a necessary addition to our lives. Consider the following advantages before purchasing a laptop and travel bag from


  • Safety: When travelling with your laptop, it is important to consider that these devices are extremely fragile. One wrong move or misdirected landing spot could cost you thousands of pounds and an unnecessary amount of stress and anxiety. Laptop bags ensure the safety of your precious devices.


  • They keep your laptop clean: Laptop bags ensure that your laptop remains clean. Making sure that your laptop is protected and tucked away not only keeps your laptop safe from harm, but it also protects it from any dust and debris that may find its way onto your screen and inside your keyboard.


What should be considered when buying laptop & travel bags?


The following points are considerations that should be made when looking to purchase a laptop bags and travel bags:


  • Size: Laptop backpacks and travel bags that are sold by Avansas come with various sizing options. When purchasing a laptop bag, customers are encouraged to read the specifications laid out within each of the product descriptions. Each laptop bag on offer is large enough to carry a 15.6 inch laptop and have specifications that are as large as 30 x 32 x 45 cm.


  • Use: Avansas offers a wide range of travel and laptop bags. When deciding on which laptop bag would best suit your specific needs, considerations around use should be taken into account. Avansas has two types of laptop bags on offer; one being the standard carry backpack and the other being a backpack with a wheeled option. The wheeled backpack comes with the choice of carrying your bag or wheeling it around; to wheel your backpack, simply use the telescopic handle, which is hidden easily thanks to the zip placed on top. Depending on use and function, each backpack on offer comes with its strengths and advantages!


  • Style: The laptop bags and travel bags sold by Avansas are all created with the intention of having the highest quality of products on offer. Though each product adheres to the same strict quality assurances, each offer is created using a different design. Customers looking to purchase computer and laptop accessories should be on the lookout for the different colours, features and styles portrayed by each type of laptop and travel bag available!


Are laptop & travel bags practical to use?


The best part about purchasing laptop bags or travel bags is that they are comfortable, versatile and are designed to function in a practical way. Designed to withstand force whilst still protecting your devices, laptop sleeves and travel bags are becoming a necessary purchase in protecting technology.


Not only are laptop and travel bags practically designed to protect your laptop, but with multiple pockets and zip up pouches, you can carry more than just your device. They are designed with comfort, style and convenience in mind and allow you to place things like keys, stationary and business cards within different pouches, making these items easy to find and organise.


Are laptop & travel bags durable?


Laptop backpacks and travel bags are designed with the specific function of protecting the devices and goods within it. Avansas offers a wide range of laptop and travel bags, each with their own specifications and advantages. While versatile in design and function, these laptop and travel bags are made with material that are able to withstand force and provide long-lasting use.


Are the laptop cases & travel bags sold by Avansas of good quality?


We can all agree that technology is expensive and therefore the laptop case that we purchase to protect our devices needs to be a high quality product that can be trusted. Avansas offers a wide range of laptop travel bags that are made from the very best and most durable materials. The brands on offer are some of the best in the business and have been known to create products that are capable of withstanding the forces that are presented to us on a day-to-day basis.


When buying products from, you can trust that your purchases have been regulated through strict quality control measures to provide the best possible products for the best possible price. The laptop and travel bags on offer are designed from material that is durable and robust, making sure that your purchases are long-lasting and reliable.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


Avansas is a shopping hub that looks to create an online environment that is not only user friendly, but one that is safe and secure for users. Safety and security on our website is of the utmost importance to us and we have therefore put systems in place that adhere to the strictest of security protocols and measures. The card payments that go through our system are protected by 3D Secure and Verisign secure payment systems ensuring that all your information is secured and your privacy is upheld. The payments you make on our user-friendly website are secure with end-to-end encryption and checkpoints are featured whilst going through our checkout process in order to make sure that your privacy and security is always upheld.