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Laptop Travel Bags & Laptop Satchels


Whether you work from home, as part of a busy office, or you're a one-person band, your laptop is an essential piece of kit. Your personal, portable workspace, it gives you access to everything you need, from the Internet to crucial files and documents. However, because it's so precious, you need to ensure that when you're working on the go, you transport it in the best possible way. Our selection of laptop bags is designed to offer your vital cargo all the protection it needs without hampering your style or portability. 


Laptop satchels for protection 

All our laptop bags, laptop satchels, and laptop travel bags are designed with protection in mind. Whether you prefer an over-the-shoulder number or a laptop case on wheels, the priority is to defend your laptop against potential hazards. As a result, you'll find that each of these products is padded in all the right places, helping to protect your desktop against drops, bumps, scratches, and scrapes. On top of that, many of our laptop satchel bags are waterproof, so if your train-bought coffee happens to empty itself, you can be sure there will be no liquid damage. 


Carrying those additional extras 

However, if you’re conducting commerce as you travel, there’s every reason to assume that you’ll be carrying more than your laptop. Our selection of laptop satchel bags holds those with additional compartments for all those little extras you might need. From padded pockets for tablets and compartments for cables to extra pouches for documents and files, you'll have the capacity to carry everything you need without sacrificing that professional edge. To make carriage easier, many of our bags come with straps and integrated handles, so you can decide how best to carry them. 


Work or pleasure? 

While laptops might seem like a purely professional tool, they've also become a must-have accessory in homes across the planet. For those travelling for work or people who want to stay on top of their emails while enjoying a well-earned break, we also offer a collection of laptop travel bags designed to carry much more than the laptop itself.  

Laptop backpacks are a superb solution for those who need to travel light. Perfect for weekend business trips or short city stays, there's enough room for a couple of changes of clothing, your toothbrush, and other essentials while still offering the same degrees of protection provided by standard laptop bags. However, if you find yourself travelling for work for a lengthier period, or you're hitting the high road for a full-blown holiday, a laptop case on wheels might be what you're looking for. We offer these in a range of sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. From those that will give you all the room you need as a single traveller to those that offer all the capacity of a suitcase, each has a dedicated and padded space for your laptop. 


Function and feel 

Whether you're taking a break or off to an important business conference, how your bag looks can be just as important as what it does. With one eye on on-trend aesthetics, we've carefully selected a range of laptop bags and laptop travel bags that tick all the right boxes. Browse our collection, and you'll find that most of the laptop bags, laptop satchels, and laptop travel bags we stock are sleek, chic, and stylish. However, if you want to inject some fun into your travels, we can also supply you with bags and satchels made in bright colours and designs. While you might want to keep your laptop protected, you don't have to sacrifice your aesthetic edge in the process. 


A ‘wheely’ good solution 

Buying a laptop case on wheels is ideal for those who need to get from A to B - with a few other letters in between. However, these are as versatile as they are convenient. Browse our range, and you'll find laptop travel bags with extendible handles and those built into the casing. For those occasions where carrying isn't possible, pull out the extendable handle and let the wheels take the weight. However, if you're facing stairs or there are too many people around you, use the sturdy, sewn-in handle to lift your bag and get to where you're going. We offer the best products, from the best brands, at the best prices, so you can be sure of buying high-quality laptop bags that won't let you down at the last minute. 

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