Guillotines & Trimmers

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Paper Guillotines & Paper Trimmers


If you’re in a business where paperwork needs to be presentable, then it’s time to consider investing in high-quality paper guillotines & paper trimmers. From flyers and posters to presentation pieces and artwork, they ensure complete uniformity and crisp, clean edges. While we all know someone who’s a bit of a whizz with scissors, using paper guillotines & paper trimmers means that even anyone with no ability with blades can execute a perfect job, every time.



Arm guillotine cutters


The two basic types of paper guillotines are known as ‘arm cutters’ and ‘rotary cutters.’ Arm cutters tend to be the ones that most people are familiar with, consisting of a hinged arm that sports a sharp blade. The paper to be cut is lined up with the cutting guard, which helps to minimise the potential for accidents. To ensure that it doesn’t slip or slide, many models sport clamps to fix the sheets in place. When the blade is brought down, the paper is cut with a clean, straight line. Arm cutters are best for small businesses and those working from home, ideal for cutting small volumes of paper at one time. 



Rotary guillotine cutters


By comparison, the ‘rotary cutter’ has a circular blade, which is housed in a sliding mechanism. The paper to be cut is then positioned using the grid that most models have printed on the cutting mat, before the slider is brought across the sheet, slicing it where required. These types of paper guillotines & paper trimmers are exceptionally accurate and are often used for cutting and trimming smaller items, such as photographs.

Time-efficient and convenient, most of these guillotine paper cutters are easy to operate, although anything that uses a blade should be treated with care. A superb piece of equipment for any smaller or home office, we can arrange next working day delivery, whether you require one, or a large number of these essential items.