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Office Fans & Portable Air Coolers


A portable air cooler is an effortless way to cool down your workplace on warm days without having to invest in an expensive air conditioning system. It’s vital to keep the temperature manageable, whether you’re working in an office, warehouse, studio environment or at home, especially on hot and humid days. A simple office desk fan can be a quick, affordable solution to cooling down your workspace for the health and well-being of your colleagues. At Avansas, we offer a wide range of office fans and other cooling equipment that will allow your workplace to remain cool and comfortable, whatever the weather.


Stay Cool with an Office Desk Fan

Office fans provide a simple yet effective solution for overly warm and uncomfortable temperatures. Not only can an office that is too hot be unpleasant, it can also be dangerous, leading to the risk of dehydration and overheating among colleagues. By keeping the air cool with a table fan, you can improve the well-being of your colleagues, boost concentration and productivity, and ensure your workspace is a pleasant place to be. 


Versatile Options

Our selection features a variety of fans, including desk and table fans, floor fans and pedestal fans in stylish colours, including black, white and chrome finishes. These compact, lightweight fans are designed to be easily transportable and fit seamlessly into any office, allowing you to introduce a refreshing breeze and cool down the workspace quickly. With a variety of power settings and an oscillating function that allows you to spread cool air around the office, just one office desk fan can pack a punch and make your workplace more relaxing in minutes.


Quiet Operation

Although an office table fan can provide cooling and comfort to the workplace, nobody wants a fan that’s so noisy it interrupts work. That’s why our wide range of office fans can provide whisper-quiet operation, delivering maximum cooling and air circulation with a gentle buzz that fades into the background. Instead of being distracted by a noisy fan, invest in a portable air cooler that won’t break your concentration when working on that important project. 


Easy Transportation

Whether you’re working in a small office space, a warehouse or a studio, or you need a cooling device on the move, our office fans are designed to be compact and easily portable so you can take a breeze with you wherever you go. A portable air cooler is a quick and innovative way to control the temperature of your workplace without having to invest in the complicated installation and maintenance of an air conditioning unit. Simply pick up your fan when you’re done and store it away in a cupboard or under your desk for the next hot day. Need to transport it to a new location? No problem. Just grab your office desk fan and carry it to its new destination. 


Energy-Efficient Cooling

Using a built-in air conditioning unit can be pricey, time-consuming and energy intensive. Using an electric fan, on the other hand, offers powerful cooling by plugging in your fan to any mains power supply. You can use a portable air cooler little and often to achieve your desired temperature in the office. Thanks to their energy-efficient design, you can help keep electricity bills lower in comparison to using energy-intensive air conditioning in your workplace. An fan is an affordable, practical way to keep cool, improve productivity and make your working environment more comfortable on hot or humid days.