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Office Facilities Supplies


Ensuring you’ve got the right tools for the job is the only way to get things done. Having the right equipment helps to save time, ensures that the process runs smoothly and, in some cases, can protect you against accident or injury. At Avansas, we stock a wide range of office facilities products, designed for most workplaces.


Ergonomic Equipment

Sitting at a desk for lengthy periods can harm your posture, mood, and productivity. Ergonomic office products, such as backrests, footrests, and wrist rests, can help keep your spine aligned and mitigate against certain conditions, such as repetitive strain injury.


Healthy and Safety

Health and Safety office facilities should be at the top of every employer’s list. No office or workspace should be without the basics, such as first-aid kits, information signs, and protective screens. For added security, we offer an extensive range of alarms and surveillance equipment, ensuring the safety of your employees, visitors, and members of the public who enter your premises.


Workwear and PPE

From safety goggles to hi-viz jackets, workwear and personal protective equipment can be important office facilities, in a variety of jobs. Even those who work in an office environment might feel safer from the spread of the coronavirus by wearing transparent face shields. This helps to minimise the potential to spread or catch the virus and allows others to see your face in its entirety. Work gloves and protective headwear are essential office products for those working in potentially unsafe environments. Safety vests and overalls are ideal for those working in dark or unfavourable weather conditions.


Meeting & Presenting

Meetings can also benefit from having the right facilities in place. From whiteboards and flipchart easels and pads to laminating machines and noticeboards, the Avansas range of essential office facilities can help to ensure that your meeting runs as smoothly as possible.