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Photo Paper


From capturing special moments to showcasing a company's products, a picture can paint a thousand words. Photo paper helps images look their best, with a glossy or matte finish that allows for a sharp and vibrant end product that you simply can't achieve when printing on standard paper. A thicker stock than the paper you'd use to print offer letters, photo paper for printing features a coating that produces that great quality photo "finish". For creating Images for your business that stand out for all the right reasons, this type of paper is a stationery necessity.



Multi-Functional Photos


It's not just photography businesses that need this type of paper. When creating marketing material to send to your clients, displaying your products, inspirational images, or logo on photo printing paper will ensure these all catch the eye. For professional-looking reports or presentations, images on photo paper are a winner, or you could use this type of paper to print out morale-boosting photos from the latest team bonding session to pin to the office noticeboard.

Our range of photo paper for printing includes a variety of sizes, including A4 photo paper and the classic photo size of A6, ensuring you have the convenience of photo printing to your desired scale. Our stock is compatible with most standard printers, whether your office is equipped with inkjet or laser printers.



Finding the Right Finish


You might like to give the type of paper your work projects need some thought to make sure you purchase the best stationery. Our range of glossy photo paper is just what you need to present high-resolution images. The smooth surface makes vivid and rich colours pop, the images look crisp, and you'll find the print is true to the colours captured in the original picture. If you want your images and any printed copy to make a statement, stock your printer with glossy photo printing paper. If you're worried about the glare from glossy paper, you can choose one of our semi-gloss options.

If you need a low-glare print surface, our matte range offers a slightly textured surface and lacks the high-shine finish of glossy paper, producing a muted and classy effect. Professional photographers and designers often prefer this aesthetic, and the subtle presentation of images can work very well when marketing high-end products within your business. Because it doesn't require a glossy coating, matte photo paper for printing tends to be less expensive. 



Reliable Results with Your Office Printer


We've made sure we stock photo paper compatible with common printer brands such as Canon and Epson. Arguably the highest quality finish will be achieved by choosing the corresponding brand, and you'll even be able to stock up on the same brands of printer ink too. 

If photography is at the heart of your business, we stock premium and heavyweight papers, including resin-coated glossy papers, for ultimate colour saturation and image definition. If your work requires image printing on both sides of the page, we've got time and money-saving double-sided photo printing paper for reports or brochures.

For economical photo printing in the workplace, we have matte A4 photo paper and A6 photo printing paper to suit most office printers, whose fast-drying, smudge-resistant surface will ensure you don't need to worry about reprinting images and losing money. 

Whether you want a pack of 20 sheets for the occasional fun photo printing session at work or need to buy multiple packs of our 100-sheet products, you'll find great value photo printing supplies in the Avansas range.