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Office Ink Stamps & Stamp Pads


If processing piles of paperwork is part of the daily routine in your workplace, ink stamps are an effective way of speeding things up. Whether you work from home or as part of a conventional office, ensuring that all those important documents, letters, contracts, invoices, and files are all dealt with properly can help to streamline everything from your accounting system to your document archives. While office stamps might not seem like the most 21st Century piece of hardware, they are proof that, sometimes, the tried and tested methods are the best ones.



Save time with office stamps


One of the most time-consuming tasks for managers and accountants is signing paperwork off so that it can find its way into the appropriate system. With their desks bearing dozens of documents, wading through them can take hours that could be better spent on other aspects of the business. Ink stamps can significantly reduce the time it takes to process things by placing the stamp on the dotted line and giving it a quick push. On top of that, in situations where no signature is required but where it's crucial that papers are clearly marked as processed, using office ink stamps means that tasks can be delegated without taking up too much of anyone else's valuable time.



Clarity and consistency with every page


Another benefit of using office stamps comes in the form of clarity and consistency. Many people have signatures or handwriting that are difficult to decipher; coupled with charging through endless sheets to be signed, these can become even more illegible. Using stamps and ink pads or self-inking office stamps can help ensure that the necessary wording is easy to read every time. From stamps that let you know whether something's been approved or paid to those that bear the words ‘rejected’ or even ‘secret,’ there can be no doubting what you’re reading. Similarly, if you’re communicating with customers, legibility is all-important. Missives with messy signatures or writing don’t carry the same impact as those that are clearly marked and, in some cases, can undermine the professionalism and presentation that helps your brand or business uphold its reputation.



Defined digits and legible letters


However, stamping documents isn't just about getting the words right. Ensuring that dates are legible and clear can be crucial, particularly if the paperwork has any legal aspect attached to it. At Avansas, we offer a range of dating stamps that allow you to change the day, month, and year, according to your needs. Simple to use, they function in much the same way as combination locks. The digits are embossed onto metal or rubber rings set along a roller. Set the numbers as you want them to look, and you're ready to go.



Self-inking ink stamps


Generally speaking, there are two kinds of ink stamps: self-inking office stamps and stamps and ink pads. Self-inking pads don't require separate stamp pads, as the pad is integrated into the plastic frame. When the stamp isn’t in use, the stamp retracts into the handle, pressing against the ink, ready to create crisp, defined text or digits with a single push. Knowing what you're stamping is made even easier, as most self-inking office stamps bear a sticker, either on the top or side of the handle, clearly stating its purpose. Because they are self-contained units, self-inking ink stamps are ideal for offices where space is at a premium or for those who need to keep their desks free from unnecessary clutter.



Stamps and ink pads


While ink and stamp pads might seem a little old-school, they offer the same levels of quality and clarity delivered by their self-inking cousins. Typically, the stamp itself is manufactured from embossed metal or rubber, and the pad consists of a sponge or other absorbent material, which is infused with ink. Press the stamp into the ink tray and get started on your documents. Although these are reliable pieces of equipment, they do come with some drawbacks. Firstly, pressure must be applied evenly across the frame to ensure that the numbers or letters to be printed are all equally clear and defined.  

In addition, because the ink is held in a separate container, it does need to be refilled, and if the lid isn't fixed on properly, the ink can be at risk of drying out. In addition, there's the extra space taken up by having both stamps and ink pads. Lose one, and you can't use the other. For additional peace of mind, we cheerfully recommend using self-inking office stamps. However, if you're a fan of the original process, we stock a wide selection of ink and stamp pads to help keep your paperwork clearly marked. 

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