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Office Paper Supplies


Despite all the advances in technology, it’s estimated that around 99% of offices still use paper as part of their daily operations. With no digital formatting to worry about, and with a less negative impact on the eye than computer monitors, those familiar sheets look as though they’re here to stay. At Avansas, we sell a range of different kinds of office paper supplies, for all your day-to-day needs.



Office Copy & Printer Paper


If you’re using a printer and a photocopier in the office, then you’ll need the right kind of office paper for the job. While it might not seem obvious at first glance, there is a difference between the two used in each process. Copy paper tends to be thinner than sheets used in printers and is better suited to text-only documents. If you’re printing up documents with graphics, printer paper is the way forward. We stock both in a range of sizes and there are even eco-friendly office paper products for those keeping an eye on their carbon footprints.



Premium Office Paper Products


When you need that professional edge, perhaps for a presentation or important document, premium office paper products tick all the right boxes. Boasting tighter fibres than standard paper, the premium option reduces the potential for smudging, offers more defined graphics, and ensures that all text is as clear as can be. Weightier and thicker than its standard counterparts, most premium office paper is jam-free, so you won’t have to worry about crumpled sheets or unclogging your printer.



Coloured Office Paper Supplies and Photo Paper


To ensure that the pertinent parts of your document are memorable, and grab the reader’s attention, go for coloured paper. Ideal for presentations and highlighting important information, coloured paper is as versatile as plain, and is suitable for use in printers and copiers. However, if you need to include a high-definition photograph in your presentation, use photo paper. Perfect for crisp images and sharp text, it’s available in a range of finishes, from matt and semi-gloss to the attractive sheen of high gloss.

Here at Avansas, we have all the office paper products you need for a fully functioning workplace.