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Office Coffee Machines


With the average cost of a cup of coffee weighing in at around £3.50, and the cost of living on the climb, everyone's favourite caffeine kick-starter could soon become a longed-for luxury. However, if you want to give your crew a literal and metaphorical perk, check out our range of office coffee machines. Easy to operate and easy on the budget, they're the perfect way to let your customers and colleagues know that you value them. A jar of instant and a kettle might be OK, but who wants to settle for OK when business is on the line?


In pods, we trust

If you're always on the go or the pace of the office is relentless, check out our range of pod coffee makers. When time is something of a premium, these allow you to make coffee-shop-quality beverages quickly without needing barista training. In effect, each coffee pod acts like a cafetiere in miniature. High-pressure hot water is pumped through the pod, which contains your chosen blend of ground coffee and a filter. The water hits the coffee at just the right temperature, releasing all those favours and aromas before being strained through the filter and into your mug. In addition to being fast and fuss-free, pod coffee makers require minimal cleaning. On top of that, the pods themselves remain fresher for longer, which could see your supply last longer than you think. Coffee pod machines are perfect for those moments when you need good coffee now.


Take control of your cuppa

However, if the ritual of popping your coffee into the machine and waiting a few seconds longer sets your heart aflutter, you should consider investigating the other office coffee makers on our website. One of the main advantages of using more conventional office coffee machines is that they can make a broader range of coffee. Whether you want an extra hot espresso or a laidback latte, we offer a selection of office coffee makers that are programmable and user-friendly. In addition, you can mix and match your coffee blends to find the one that suits you, your colleagues, and your customers the best.


Next-level coffee

In addition to coffee pod machines, hi-tech office coffee makers, and more analogue coffee-making equipment, we also offer all the little extras that elevate your coffee-drinking experience. Rather than splashing some semi-skimmed straight into your brew, why not use a milk frother to add some mouthfeel, texture, and indulgence? While milk frothing machines are particularly handy for entertaining potential customers or investors, they're also a superb addition to your staff kitchen. After all, coffee breaks are a vital part of the working day. These are the moments when friendships are formed, ideas generated, and opinions swapped. Having all the tools for a five-star coffee can only help your employees feel cared for and looked after.


Enjoy the daily grind

If you really want to roll out the red carpet, check out our selection of coffee grinders. Grinding your own beans is the next level when making a quality cuppa. Using a coffee grinder gives you more control over the size of the grind, which, in turn, affects the flavour of the beans. What's more, you can even create your own blend using bags of beans and by doing a little experimentation. There's a school of thought that suggests that coffee beans remain fresher for longer than those that have been ground, so you might have to stock up less frequently. In addition, should any potential clients have a nose for coffee, you'll be able to provide something that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to those all-important first impressions.

Even if you're not a coffee fan, there's no doubt about the benefits of office coffee machines in the workplace. Coffee has been found to boost energy levels, stimulate creativity, improve productivity, reduce stress, and even give the memory a little jumpstart. Beyond the stereotype of coffee giving you that jolt to start the day, coffee and caffeine have also been found to have various health benefits, including being good for the heart. Whether you prefer coffee pod machines or more conventional office coffee makers, we've got everything you need, from coffee pods and ground coffee to the magic beans themselves.