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Felt Tip Pens

Although felt-tip pens are often used to colour drawings, they are also widely used in design, document editing and proofreading. Felt-tip pens that include a non-refill ink cartridge, can only write on paper.

What Are the Types of Felt Tip Pens?

  • Felt-tip pens usually wash out of most fabrics and some can be refilled.
  • Felt-tip pens vary according to their tip thicknesses.
  • Along with regular felt-tip pens, double-ended models are also available.
  • Some are perfumed whereas some are odourless.
  • They usually have round or chisel nibs.
  • They can be water-based or alcohol-based.

What Are Felt Tip Pens Used for?

  • Felt-tip pens in vibrant colours can be used on different surfaces.
  • These pens used for colouring are also used for marking and highlighting.
  • Felt-tip pens can be used on different surfaces such as cardboard, ceramic, wood and paper. Those that have a fine tip are also ideal for taking notes.
  • These pens can also be used to conceal scratches on office furniture, provided that their colours match.

What Are the Advantages of Felt Tip Pens?

  • Felt-tip pens help direct attention to a specific spot on the paper with their vivid colours.
  • Their soft tips ensure effortless colouring.
  • Felt-tip pens are long-lasting.
  • Some wash out of most fabrics.
  • They can be used on different surfaces.
  • Use them to create colourful designs, take eye-catching notes and mark papers. Felt-tip pens come in various colours for both children and adults.

Fineliner Pens

Felt tip and fineliner pens allow writing the water-based ink they contain. Since their ink is opaque, writings look bolder when written with fineliner pens. These pens are used for many different purposes such as drawing and writing. They come in various colours, mainly in black, red and blue. Black needle tips and fineliner pens are frequently used at offices and schools.

Which Are the Top Fineliner Pen Brands?

Uni-ball and Rotring brands stand out with their fine point pens. With its 0.5 and 0.3mm black fineliner pens, these brands appeal to those who make technical drawings.

What Are the Advantages of Fineliner Pens?

  • When writing with a fineliner pen, you do not have to apply too much pressure. This allows for effortless writing.
  • You can write at any speed thanks to these products.
  • Using a fineliner pen, you can write clearly. With this feature, they differ from graphite pencils and ballpoint pencils.
  • Fineliner pens are one of the most affordable pen types.Therefore, they are very popular.

Which Fineliner Pen Is Best for You?

  • A fine pen that has a 0.5mm tip would be suitable for fine writing. One with a 0.7mm tip, on the other hand, makes writing easier.
  • Fineliner pens in red or other colours could be a better choice to use at school or for creative tasks.
  • If you want to purchase a quality pen, go for the products of well known brands.
  • Special fineline pens for technical drawing are also available.