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Felt Tip Pens


Whether adding some extra interest to a report, sketching, creating technical plans, or indulging your creative side, felt tip pens and fineliner pens are essential. Our range includes felt pens and fineliners from some of the most well-respected stationery brands on the planet, such as Berol and Stabilo. While we offer individual felt pens and those in packs of two, we also provide felt tip pen sets, giving you access to an array of colours.



Felt tip pens and fibre tip


Felt tip pens are better suited to creating thicker lines or filling large areas with block colour. A staple of school bags across the country, our felt pens deliver bright and vibrant colours, which dry quickly and are resistant to smudging. On top of that, you'll find that most felt tip pens, such as the Stabilo Pen 68 Pack of 10, carry water-based inks, making any accidental stains easy to wash from clothes.

Accompanying each photo of our pens and pen sets, you'll find a short product description that's caught your eye. Not only will these tell you all the details, such as the width of the nib, but they'll also tell you the type of pens you're buying. You'll notice that our selection includes fibre-tip pens. The only real difference between the two is the shape and width of the nib. Classic felt pens tend to have more rounded, bullet-shaped nibs, making it easy to create thicker lines. By comparison, fibre tips tend to be thinner, offering greater control and precision.



Fabulous fineliners


However, fineliner pens are the way forward for the ultimate in detail. Typically, these sport nibs that are less than a millimetre in diameter. In addition to being ideal for sketching, and technical drawing, products such as the Berol Handwriting Pen are perfect for those who want to ensure that their handwriting is clear and legible. These pens finish in a thin stick rather than a rounded end, so you can always see the detail of what you're writing or drawing. If you need to add colour to your creations, check out fineliner felt pen sets, such as the Maped Graph' Peps Fineliner Pack. With nibs measuring just 0.4mm, these combine exactness with colour, making them incredibly versatile pieces of stationery for home, school, or office use.

So that your work always looks its best, certain pens, such as the Paper Mate Flair Pen have reservoirs filled with ink that won't bleed through your paper. This results from using ink that's quick to dry alongside nibs that don't dispense too much ink at any given time, which provides you with clean and consistent lines that are also resistant to smudging.



Pulling from the right and pushing from the left


Felt tip pens and fineliners of this sort can also be helpful for left-handers. Those who write or draw with their right hands pull the pen across the page, leaving the ink free from contact with the skin. However, those who use their left hand need to push the pen across the paper, often pushing their wrists or part of their hand through their work. Using prnd with quick-drying ink can help to minimise the potential for scruffy, smeared, and smudged writing and sketching.

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Whether you're buying in bulk for your business or making a single purchase for yourself, we treat each order with the same levels of care and commitment. Check out our range of delivery options to receive your fineliners and felt tip pens as soon as the next working day.