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An absolute staple of the office, parcel and letter envelopes are essential for non-electronic business communications and personal mail. They keep letters, documents and small items safe and allow you to mark the recipient's address and proof of postage payment. Avansas supply a range of mailing solutions, with business, padded, boarded and gusset letter envelopes to meet your needs.



Communicating with Customers


Paper mail remains a highly effective way for companies to communicate with clients. Although E-signatures are becoming more popular, it is still commonplace to send documents that require a signature on paper and the likes of notices, estimates, invoices and appointments are all popularly received in paper form for ease of record keeping. Using smaller letter envelopes is economical for a business to send out high volumes of general correspondence.

The Avansas range of business postage products includes window and blank envelopes in a variety of sizes, including the classic DL (110x220mm), C6 (114x162mm) and C5 (162x229mm), in white and manilla. The range allows you to easily send standard A4 letters and short documents.

An efficient office is profitable, so features such as the Avansas self-sealing Manilla Wallet Envelopes and window envelopes that display the recipient's address on the letter can save time and money. 

When you send mail to a client or customer from your business, having paid for the delivery of the letter, you want to feel sure that it reaches the recipient. A great-quality letter envelope will remain sealed in transit, and the plastic on window envelopes will protect the underlying address. With 80-120 gsm white envelopes in our range, you can feel assured that your letters are delivered in a robust pocket that will make the right impression upon delivery.



Protecting Important Documents


Documents you send out to clients represent far more than the monetary value of the paper and ink – they also represent the work hours put into producing it. Stock your mail room with board-backed letter envelopes to deliver important documents to your client's desk in pristine condition.

Avansas offers a range of sizes, including C4, which accommodates unfolded A4 documents. Board-backed brown envelopes are engineered for durability to protect the paper within. Our options include 120 gsm paper envelopes with thick card stock backings to prevent the bending and crumpling of contents.

Ideal for sending legal documents, confidential reports, manuscripts, assignments or technical drawings, most of our board-backed products feature the 'Please do not bend' message to protect your mail further.



Practical Envelopes


In the office, envelopes can be useful beyond their primary purpose of containing your mail. Gusset varities are a prime example of how these handy stationery items can be used to keep your desk and paperwork organised.

Gusset envelopes feature expandable sides that allow you to fit more into the envelope than in an equivalent, standard product. While this makes them a superb choice for businesses that must send out multipage documents, books or brochures, it also means they're fantastic organisational stationery. This generous envelope is a cheaper alternative to binders and box files for keeping paperwork neat and tidy on your desk or for archiving documents.



Posting Precious Products


Online retailers put a great deal of trust in their couriers, but they need to play their part when protecting the products they're sending out to customers.

Parcel envelopes include our padded and bubble products. This packaging style prevents the crushing and breakage of small items and includes a layer of bubble wrap or padding to cushion the products you're sending out. You can choose from a range of sizes to best fit the product, which is ideal for CDs, DVDs, low-value jewellery, books, and small cosmetics and skincare packs.

Size matters when you're couriering to customers, so to avoid parcel charges, you might like to work with the Avansas 470x350 peel and seal padded envelope. This generous size of padded white envelope allows our business to send multiple small products or one larger item without needing the dimensions of a box.