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Envelopes are among the office essentials. Among its various types, the most commonly-used ones are CD/DVD sleeves, letter envelopes, company and cash envelopes, bubble wrap envelopes and mailer envelopes. Serving various purposes and areas of use, envelops come to your aid in the handling of important documents and materials.

The most preferred envelopes at the workplace are mailer envelopes. Used widely for errands such as handling documents and correspondence, mailer envelopes prevents any damage on the documents and provides safer handling. While mailer envelopes with practical silicone adhesives can be used for errands without any extra adhesion, they are sealed with the adhesive part for important documents and documents that will be sent to a far distance. Mailer envelopes come in colour options such as white, grey, straw and various sizes.

Used to prevent damage on CDs and DVDs containing files such as slides, videos or photos, CD/DVD sleeves are among the popular envelopes in business life. Allowing the protection and handling of products that carry the risk of breaking or damaging, bubble wrap envelopes are among the most useful products in the workplace.

Used especially in accounting, collection and at banks and government institutions, company and cash envelopes allow the handling of money and various documents such as debit cards, credit cards, account statements, notices and invoices.

Determine the most useful envelopes for your workplace and add them to your basket.