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Office Paper Shredding Machines


At a time when data protection and confidentiality are at the forefront of every professional’s mind, Office Paper Shredding Machines are an absolutely essential tool. Designed to meet the demands of busy modern offices, they are a robust, efficient and simple way of disposing of sensitive documents and safeguarding office security.


Security matters

Our range of office paper shredding machines have been chosen for their ability to provide businesses with an effective and dependable means of guaranteeing security. By turning confidential paperwork into unreadable scraps, there is no chance that trade secrets, customer details, or business strategies can leak outside the organisation. Whether you are handling financial records or processing sensitive client details, our office shredders ensure nothing remains detectable on your used paper.


Efficiency is essential

Manual document disposal is not an effective use of resources. Our range of office shredding machines is designed for efficiency and effortlessly handles large volumes of paper. If you need to clear out archives or dispose of end-of-day documents, these document shredders are the ideal solution.


A diverse array of devices

To accommodate the diverse range of document sizes and paper types used in modern offices, our devices are remarkably versatile. They can process a wide variety of documents, including standard letter-sized paper to larger legal documents, smaller bank statements and letterbox account slips. This ensures the machines are well-suited to dynamic office environments, where you never know what you will need to shred next.


User-friendly operation

Ease of use is also a priority for our paper shredding machines. With intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, these machines ensure that anyone in the office can operate them with confidence. There is no steep learning curve, and once initial instruction has been given, any employee will have a good understanding of the various shredding options available. This prevents mistakes that could compromise your organisational security.


Keeping things quiet

No one wants a noisy appliance in the modern office environment. So, our paper shredding machines are engineered to operate at a low noise level, minimising disruption and allowing employees to focus on the task at hand. While office shredders are designed to improve efficiency, they are no good if noisy operation affects your staff’s productivity.


Excellent capacity

Different workplaces have distinct needs. Some require an office shredding machine that simultaneously processes large volumes of paper. Others are happy with a machine with a slightly lower shredding capacity. Our range contains shredders with varying capacities to ensure we have a suitable shredding machine for every organisation. Take these two devices from the same manufacturer. The Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ Cross Cut Shredder 50X Grey/Silver can shred 50 pages at once, while the Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ Cross Cut Shredder 150X Grey/Silver increases that to 150 pages.


Shredders from big-name brands

When you purchase an office shredding machine for your workplace, you want to know you are buying a reliable model that will stand the test of time. That is why we stock shredders from some of the biggest manufacturers in the business. You can purchase shredding machines from respected brands like Rexel, Fellowes, Monolith, Cathedral and Leitz, so you know you are acquiring a high-quality appliance.

Our office shredders represent the pinnacle of shredding technology and can help your business guarantee data security and facilitate safe paper disposal. Whether you prefer the affordable Fellowes Powershred® LX65 Cross Cut Shredder or the premium Fellowes AutoMax™ 200M Micro-Cut, we have an office shredding machine for you. Order yours from the Avansas online store today and enjoy quick and convenient delivery to addresses across the UK.