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Whether you’re watching your carbon footprint, managing your office waste, or making sure important documents don’t fall into the wrong hands, shredders are essential in the office. While most people are aware of their basic functions, many aren’t aware that there are different types. Deciding which one you need will depend on your uses.


Strip-cut Shredders


Strip-cut shredders are ideal for basic wastepaper management. These primarily take A4 sheets and slice them into 53 strips, making them easy to dispose of. For those looking to minimise their impact on the environment, these strips can be mulched, either as part of your business or outsourced to a professional mulching company. Using one of these machines can help reduce clutter and free up valuable space. They can be used in the home, as well as the office.


Cross-cut Shredders


Cross-cut shredders take the process up a level. In addition to slicing vertically, one of these will also cut horizontally, cutting a piece of A4 into around 400, 4cm-sized pieces. Perfect for ensuring that sensitive documents and information are virtually unrecoverable, cross-cut shredders are best used in a professional capacity, whether you’re working in a busy office or from home.


Micro-cut Shredders


For the ultimate in security, micro-cut shredders are a sound investment. As the name suggests, these slice and dice sensitive documents into pieces that are practically impossible to reassemble. If your business deals with items such as medical records, legal papers, or other information that needs to be kept away from prying eyes, micro-cut shredders will give you absolute peace of mind.

When choosing yours, bear in mind that different shredders will shred different amounts of paper, according to their shredding cycles. At Avansas, we stock a range of shredders from some of the biggest and most trusted brands on the market, with all the information displayed to help you make your choice.



What are the advantages of using shredders?


Shredders are highly useful for either office or home use. Home shredders can be used to keep clutter to a bare minimum and office shredders are often used to keep sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Customers should consider the following advantages of using shredders before placing an order:


  • Shredders are helpful in protecting confidential and sensitive information:


There have been multiple incidents where companies and offices, through improper waste document management, have left clients and employees at risk for identity theft due to improperly dealing with old documentation. Through the use of shredding devices, companies protect themselves, their employees and their clients from sensitive documentation being used with malicious intent.


  • Shredders are known to increases efficiency:


  • For office use: When employees have to take time to destroy documents and sensitive information without the use of a shredding device, it can be incredibly time consuming. The actions of simply ripping up paper also introduces a certain amount of uncertainty, should the information fall into the wrong hands, it could easily be put back together. Shredding devices leave no room for uncertainty as they can shred documents far beyond what anyone could trace and put together again.


  • For home use: When shredding documents at home, shredding devices increase productivity and allow for shredding to be done in autonomous fashion, increasing the amount of paper shred in a certain amount of time. Shredding devices also store shredded paper in large volumes, meaning that less time is spent going to and from the waste bin.


How do I choose a shredder that best suits my needs?


When deciding on what type of shredder best suits your needs, it is important to consider what the device will be used for. The following are a few considerations to make before purchasing a shredder:


  • Use: The shredders that are on offer on each come with their own strengths and weaknesses. When deciding on which shredder would be best suited for you, it is important to consider how it will be used. Certain machines come with the ability to shred things other than paper, like credit cards. If you are purchasing a device for this purpose, be sure to thoroughly look through the product descriptions and make sure that the machine is capable of these actions.


  • Quantity: Each shredder is capable of shredding a certain amount of paper per cycle. When determining which shredder would be the best option for you, it is important to consider how much paper will need to be shredded within a certain amount of time. Avansas offers up a wide range of products, each one best suited to a certain output amount.


  • Requirements: Each shredder has a time requirement of how long it can shred non-stop. Avansas offers a wide range of shredders, each having their own specific time requirements. Avansas offers machines that have a wide variety of requirements, ranging from 3 to 10 minutes of non-stop shredding.


How much do shredders cost?


There are a number of different shredder options on offer at and with a wide variety of products, comes a wide variety of pricing options. Each shredder on offer comes with different capabilities and the amount that you spend on a shredder entirely depends on what it will be used for. For those looking for a professional shredder that will be used extensively, the price of the product generally goes up and for a shredder that is a bit more basic and used less extensively, there will be a more cost effective solution available. Micro shredder and Cross cut shredder prices may fall into a more expensive bracket as these devices are more efficient and effective. It is very important for customers to consider quantity and use before purchasing a shredding device!